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Video 002

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[The face of a young girl appears on screen, dressed like a refined lady, but looking distressed. What stands behind her might just be the reason.

Behind her stood a boy around her age, arms crossed and foot tapping. A Youngster trainer. All Anastasia wanted to do was get to the next town in peace. It's hard enough for her to travel in hot weather.]

Um, hi... If anyone is available, I need help. This boy here wants to do battle with my Pokémon. What should I do?
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[It's 7:00 AM sharp in Azalea Town! Time to tune in to the Johto News Station for the morning broadcast!]

[Although, at this time of year, usually the sun is WELL up by now. Instead, the sun seems to only barely be creeping through the trees behind the anchorwoman, who is standing by the Slowpoke Well (because how will people know they're filming in Azalea unless the Well is visible?? They have to consider these things every day).]

[There's only a second's pause before her cue, at which point she looks right at the camera and starts her speech.]

Good morning, Johto!

It's looking like a beautiful day is on the horizon, but as our viewers may notice, something is just a little off from normal. The sunrise has come late, and that's just the first among many anomalies occurring in and around Azalea Town.

[The video cuts briefly to home footage of potted flowers blooming (it looks fast-forwarded, but a hefty Purugly that meanders into the frame to sniff them shows that it is, in fact, filmed in real time). And then to more home footage of a Slowpoke literally zooming across the town square as though it's wearing heelys.]

From out-of-season flowers to not-so-slow Slowpokes, life has gotten very exciting for the residents of this normally peaceful town-- especially once the oddities started attracting curious tourists.

[Footage of a packed diner, recognizable to anyone who spends a lot of time in Azalea as The Slowpoke's Tail, although they might be thrown off to see it packed full of excited PokeFans with fannypacks and cameras instead of the usual 3-4 devoted local regulars. The camera zooms in on one of said regulars, trapped at a tiny table in the corner and being jostled by some over-excited twenty-somethings with big backpacks. He's making a face like this.]

[It cuts back to the anchorwoman, who is now accompanied by a few older folks-- clearly more townsfolk.]

Joining us now are a few locals, who we asked to comment on these unusual phenomena. Mrs. Cutter, what do you think about the rumors that these events may be caused by the mythical Cele--

--YES HI we're the Legend Seeker Brothers, and we're here to PROVE the mythical Celebi is behind these events!

[That was SUPER not Mrs. Cutter who answered that-- rather, it's a trio of geeky-looking bespectacled guys armed to the teeth with strange-looking equipment who just butted straight into the frame. The anchorwoman stammers, but the leader is already launching into a spiel.]

TO ALL YOU PEOPLE VIEWING AT HOME, you've probably already heard of us, but for posterity's sake, we're an elite team of passionate trainers on the hunt for Legendaries of all shapes and sizes! And we won't rest until every legendary is 'hashtag'-confirmed!

[He proceeds to dab. ... Badly.]

... I... sirs, if you could... we're on live television...

WHAT'S THAT? How can others join our noble cause?! Great question, miss! Ever since Lugia's legendary appearance off the coast of Olivine six years ago, the Legend Seeker's ranks have swelled from a humble three to-- to-- ...

[A couple of Hikers (one of them has a sign that reads "I Celebelieve") wave in the background. The townsfolk who'd been waiting to actually be interviewed have created a fairly wide space around them.]

--more than three! AND, because there should be no limits to curiosity, we want YOU to join us! So, if you have a passion for mystery and a thirst for adventure in your heart, and if you call my brother Trent in the next twelve hours, we will PERSONALLY pay for you to come to Azalea Town from ANYWHERE in Kanto or Johto! You heard right-- PERSONALLY, out of pocket! So call the number on your screen and come join the hunt!

[One of the other brothers whips out a scrap of paper with a 'Gear number written on it, and hurries forward to try and hold it up to the camera. It's visible... just long enough to be written down, before the broadcast cuts to a cheerful We'll be back in a jiffy! message as the Legend Seeker Bros. are presumably escorted off the broadcast set.]

((ooc note: Feel free to tag amongst yourselves on this post, but there won't be any NPC responses! Contacting the Legend Seekers for travel can be handwaved.))
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Who: Korra and Cissnei

Where: Pallet Town

When: Early June

Summary: Adventure buddies getting to know each other!

Rating: PG probably


Insert Clever Log Title Here )
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[The video clicks on just as Cissnei settles on a bench in Pallet Town, two small foxes--a Zorua and a Fennekin--held gently by one arm. The Fennekin seems to be trying to hide itself in the Zorua's fur while said other fox stretches out a paw to try and get at the 'gear.

Cissnei carefully keeps it out of reach as she offers the network a smile.]

I've heard a few people mention that Legendaries have appeared here and there around both regions. I was wondering if anyone could tell me which ones have appeared?

[Always researching.]

Are there only one of each Legendary Pokemon or have multiples been spotted before?
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Who: Ash and the AoT crew in Cerulean
Where: Cerulean City and Water Park
When: 15-20th June
Summary: Ash goes to visit Armin and meets with the rest of his camping crew
Rating: ur, T for language and teenager's horsing around?
Log: He will adopt ALL these tragic kids )

((Ash is visiting Cerulean! He'll be hanging out with Armin and anyone else in their traveling party who wants to build up some CR with him. There's a thread for water park funtimes in here too, feel free to use it without feeling the need to include Ash!))
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[The Jane that greets the feed on the 'gear today is a little tired and quite thoughtful, her brow furrowed as she rifles through a stack of photos - of the kind that one might have gotten developed from a disposable camera in a PokeMart, which she happens to be in at the moment, waiting to be rung up by a clerk-in-training who seems to be having some trouble with the register. The device is tilted up at Jane, and the tiny edge of pink fingers indicate that her Audino is the camerawoman today.]

So...there was a weekend a few weeks ago where everything got...you know, odd? And I figured it would be unsafe to travel during that time, so I stayed home. But afterwards, I found a used disposable camera in my things? Or, well, Dinah found it - [The Audino trills at the mention] - so I thought...what's the harm in seeing what photos are on it, to find out who they belong to? But...

[Jane sighs, and turns some of the photos towards the 'gear. While blurry, they still very obviously focus on Jane and various strange people...and a Togepi in her arms.]

Did...was I...was I out and about and didn't realize it? Or is this one of those weird "alternate self" things? [She squints at one in her hands.] This is so weird...it's surreal, I...this me looks so relieved to be with some of these people...

[She tsks and shakes her head, putting the photos away.] Anyway - if you did see me back then, I'd like to hear from you. I hope this other me didn't...I don't know, treat you rudely? Or something.
Jun. 14th, 2017 11:04 pm


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*Sion's in the back yard outside his and Ryner's house when he posts this, evidentally having just finished feeding the pokemon, to judge from glimpses in the background of food bowls being enthusiastically emptied. it's even possible that the particularly eagle-eyed (and familiar with his and Ryner's rosters) might even spot a houndour among them that doesn't look entirely at home with the rest*

I don't suppose anyone has heard anything about a lost pokemon lately, have they? I found one recently that appeared to have been left outside my house, though I couldn't say whether accidentally or otherwise, but I've yet to be able to find any information as to where it came from. And if it has a trianer looking for it, then I certainly would like to reunite them, if possible.

*of course, he's realized there's a possibility the 'mon could have been abandoned, but he'd rather hope for the best first, okay*

If anyone does have information, please do let me know.

*and with that he--well, actually, he doesn't turn the 'gear off, but rather handles it to a certain rather disgruntled-looking mage, who delivers his own message rather deadpan-ly:*

Also, the Collegiate Gym is going to be closed to challenges from August 13th to 23rd, because we're going to be out of town for the festival in Azalea Town.

*and then Ryner hands the 'gear back to Sion, grumbling something that might be barely audible over the feed*

don't see why you couldn't just do it yourself, you were already...

((This is mostly Sion, but Ryner may drop in to reply to comments as well!))
Jun. 14th, 2017 03:06 pm


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Anyone else missing hours out of their day?

'Cause yesterday, I coulda sworn I left the lake for only a few minutes to get more Balls to use, but when I got back the sun was already starting to set. Even my Raichu was trying to find out where I ran off to.

I know for a fact I didn't get lost or take another way around. Sure, I like to take naps, but not for almost the entire day!
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[ Hello Network, there are three birds sat in front of your screen. In the middle is a Xatu with vivid red markings around her eyes, flanked either side by a Honchkrow and a Decidueye. It seems the Xatu is going to be doing most of the talking thanks to her psychic abilities, although it's the Honchkrow who greets the Gear first with a nod. ]

Hello. My name is Wisdom; this is Darkness and Reed. Our trainer is Walter Sullivan. It is unknown when he first came into his first world. His parents did not care to take note of it, or of him. Like ice cream, left under the sun. Very soft and melty. But still good. Especially when you re-chill it.

We have taken him as our own, and put him in the fridge. He is still soft and melty. But we are very proud of our soft ice cream and his accomplishments. Very proud.

[ The two birds either side of Wisdom gave her matching looks. Darkness clicked his beak at her. She didn't bat an eyelid but seemed to get to the point. ]

We will be celebrating his birth on the 24th of this month. We would like friends of his to come. Brilliant pancakes especially, but syrup and berries are also welcome. [ She lowered her gaze seriously. ] Trash and Receivers of Wisdom are not welcome. And will be removed, so they do not ruin the Ice Cream Sundae. Bacon should also not come, because it does not go well with ice cream. [ Darkness tested his talons and gave the camera a menacing croak. Reed made a point of showing one of his feather arrows, testing it's sharpness. A Marowak; Assumption with his distinct 'Halo of the Sun' marking; came on and said something to Wisdom. She nodded and added. ]

He will be in Ecruteak City. If you wish to attend and see him, let us know. We will find you on the day.

And if you know how to make sundaes, inform us. Because we do not know.

[ Assumption also nodded and waved to the camera. So if you want to attend Walter's Birthday Party, as arranged by his Pokemon, get in touch! Or help them arrange a party because what do birds know about parties, the answer is NOT MUCH. ]
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It seems as though it's one of those days where one can't even go to the market without returning home joined by a new addition.

[Lust is in her living room, in a lavender sundress and...some sort of pink fluffy looking hairclip. There's a good sized bowl of water on the coffee table, and in it, a pink magikarp.]

I really shouldn't be surprised. Look at what hatched from my most recent egg.

[She reaches up into her hair and the hairclip....hops into her hands with a soft sound. It's a shiny Cutiefly.]

And of course, there's all of them.

[She angles the 'gear. Clustered together is a cacophony of pink and purple fur. A Jigglypuff, a shiny Cleffa, a shiny Cinccino, an Espurr, a Swirlix, a Glameow, a pair of Munna....]

How in god's good name did this happen?
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[As you can see in the background once the video starts, you can see that Tony Clark is still in Violet City. But he is staring at something offscreen.]

Okay... So, I should cut to the chase to why I'm here again.

[He then moves his camera to where he was staring, which reveals two Magikarps flopping about in the puddle. Yet strangely, both of them have different patterns on their scaly bodies.]

First off, are these Magikarp flopping around the ground are even normal around here?! And yes, I did take a look at how those fishes really looked like on my Pokedex!

Unless this is another one of those Team Rocket's crazy schemes, I'm smacking myself with those fishes just to wake me up from this crazy nightmare!
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Who: Armin Arlert ([personal profile] schachmeister) & Jean Kirschtein ([personal profile] notvaljean)
Where: Route 24 & 25
When: 09/06 until 13/06 or 14/06 roughly
Summary: Armin goes pokemon catching, Jean tags along. Magikarps and serious talks happen.
Rating: Gen. Maybe some talk about traumatic canon events and self-loathing.
Read more... )
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[To say it's a beautiful day outside would be a lie, unless you're super into rain or something, because gosh it's raining. But that's not going to stop the Pokemon from being hungry, right?

So today, in a rare post from Ryner, the feed shows him out by the pond behind his and Sion's house despite the rain, scooping handfuls of cereal out of a box of Cherubios and tossing them out to the wild Magikarps that have flocked to the place and keep butting at each other so they can get to the wonderful cereal rings first.

(There's a Gyarados flopped on a rocky mini-island in the middle of the pond, sleeping. Don't mind him, he does this all the time.)

There's something odd about the Magikarp today, though, which is probably why Ryner turned the feed on in the first place. And it's not just the increased number of them. Usually they're just orange. It's not every day you see them with stripes, or spots. And is that one pink?]

So, uh. Is anyone else seeing this?

[He tosses another handful of cereal, this time maybe a little higher, and a gray one actually jumps out of the water to catch some of them before they land and the rest zoom in for what they can get.]

I mean, it's not the weirdest thing I've ever seen around here, but I've never heard of Magikarps with this many colors before today, so please tell me they're showing up more than just here. I mean, it'd be a pain if there was something up with just this pond.
Jun. 10th, 2017 08:17 am

032 // Log

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Who: Joker, some Rockets, and a handful of lucky people
Where: Goldenrod Rocket HQ
When: June 9
Summary: ~Phantom Thief Wendy~ strikes.
Rating: PG probably?
It took a few years but he's had enough )
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...You know, I cannot quite recall who first completed the Johto Gym challenge. Remembering Kanto's is easy, but Johto's... It's completely slipped away from my memory.

[Today, brodcasting from an unrecognizable building, Cecil looks a touch delighted, a dash nostalgic... but their a strong undercurrent of pride in there.]

Back then, during the first year of our presence in this world, there was a rumor. Defeat the Elite Four, and the path home will be revealed. Many believed it, and put all their efforts in earning all eight badges, hoping to be recognized as worthy challengers. Those efforts continued and doubled, along with the number of badges we could win. Of course, they were in vain, as we were only recognized as serious contenders a year ago and only three among us have prevailed since. Most of those hopeful trainers are long gone now, without ever reaching the goal they strived for.

[There's a point to this beyond the sneaky announcement, and he's getting there. Promise.]

So. Whoever you were, wherever you are, know this: the Elite Four have no way home to reveal, no explanation to share, and whoever invented that rumor had far too much imagination to share. My apologies for the wasted time and the dashed hopes.
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[The video clicks on as Noctis reclines back against a large white blo--oh wait, that's definitely his Snorlax. The prince looks rather confused, resting his 'gear on his bent knee.]

So anyone know what a Celebi is? Prompto and I passed some people that were talking about it--apparently someone saw it somewhere?

Is it one of those legendary Pokemon or something?

[There's a pause as he chews on the inside of his cheek.]

Team Rocket's not going to try and capture that one to, is it?
Jun. 7th, 2017 05:26 pm


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Who: Historia ([personal profile] headheldhigh), Bertolt ([personal profile] bertall), Armin ([personal profile] schachmeister), Eren ([personal profile] greatrage), Sasha ([personal profile] lordofthefries), Jean ([personal profile] notvaljean)
Where: The 104th's camp outside Celadon!
When: June 6th
Summary: Historia's hiding a secret! Like... half the characters in this series, apparently. Anyway she's done with hiding so she's gotta fess up to everyone.
Rating: G??? PG??? Nothing's gunna happen but Shit Pasts are a thing for these kids and she might get into hers here and that involves some pretty upsetting subjects like child abuse.

kids come on can't y'all stop dropping drama bombs on each other like this )
Jun. 7th, 2017 12:48 pm

001; video

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[boy, has it been a morning.]

[after she woke up, and after the standard good-luck-sweetie-you're-gonna-do-great! shove out the front door from Mom, Madoka spent a good hour wandering about New Bark Town, poking tentatively at plants and buildings, trying to determine if she had wandered into a labyrinth.]

[and to be honest, she's not entirely convinced she hasn't. but, on the bright side, at least this one came with an instruction manual! so she spent another hour or so poring over the details, and eventually figuring out which pokéball exactly contained her "starter."]

[when the feed begins, Madoka's standing right at the edge of Route 29, just at the edge of the tall grass. she offers a warm, if unsure, smile, layered neatly over the "what on earth have I gotten myself into?"]

Hello! My name's Madoka — the people back in town said you all might be able to help, so ...

[the feed lowers to her feet. the tiniest of tiny Eevee has somehow wrapped itself around her ankle, and squeaks in protest when Madoka tries to lift her foot even a half inch off the ground. when the feed returns to her face, her smile's morphed into something a bit more sheepish.]

I don't have to battle anything to get all the way down this route, right? I can just run for it? [Madoka might know a thing or two about not forcing someone to fight if they don't want to. but she also doesn't think the two repels in her backpack are going to get them safely all the way to the next town.]

Oh — thank you for your help!


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