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[As the camera turns on we see two Murkrow, both looking particularly smug sitting ontop of a nest of stockings and tissue paper with some eggs peeking out from under them.]

Some people wake up to find chocolate and gift baskets. I wake up to find my bird was fertile.

So what's the protocol with this sort of thing? I mean do eggs go inside pokeballs? Do I have to sit tight till the eggs hatch and we can take the new pokemon with us?

[The female Murkrow makes a laughing sound.]

I don't know what you think is so funny Mother to be. I've already got one new egg to take care of I don't need three more.

[The male Murkrow starts preening her feathers while the female just turns up her beak. It's clearly indicating that this isn't her problem. Sassy thing ain't she?]
Apr. 27th, 2017 08:27 am


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[When the video turns on, Noctis is looking a bit guilty. Why, you ask? Well it might have something to do with the eight Pokeballs sitting on the table in front of him.]

So...does anyone want a Magikarp? I've got a few extra.


Someone has a fishing problem and he doesn't know how to throw them back.]

You can just have one or if you want to trade, I don't care. I just...probably need to find homes for all of them.

[ooc: the one named Stick is not on the table; all the others are up for grabs if anyone wants one. and obviously names can be changed. xD]
Apr. 26th, 2017 02:20 pm


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[Gil is sitting with a pile of Pokémon, looking....confused.] So, uh, I got caught up in something really dumb this month, and it seems some nonsense happened with everyone else. Anyone want to trade catch-up stories?
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Salutations, everyone! Did anyone else find- um. All this, this morning?

[Penny gestures at the mass of decorations behind her, just in case there's any uncertainty about what 'this' entails.]

I mean I'm guessing this is because of that announcement a few days ago, but- I'm not complaining, I just wanted to make sure this wasn't just a really weird burglar or something. Or a reverse-burglar, I guess? Since they left stuff but didn't take it.

[Look there's been weirder stuff that's happened here, it's a possibility.]

Oh, and one other thing.

[The camera turns towards her door for a second - or more accurately, the Pawniard peeking out from around the frame. It stares at the camera for just a moment before vanishing, scuttling off somewhere out of sight.]

I was wondering if anyone had any advice about Pokemon that just kind of seem scared all the time? Scarlet was- I found her during the prom thing. I've been trying to give her space and let her adjust, but I've never had a Pokemon that was this skittish, is there anything else I should be doing?
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[Ever since he got his scar, Tim hasn't been a big fan of using video. But today seems to be an exception. He doesn't even seem all that nervous, actually, which is noteworthy because he's always nervous.]

Okay, uh, I've been thinking lately and... you know what, the whole me not going by my real name thing is getting way too confusing for everyone? Well, actually, it has been since day one. Would've done something about that ages ago, but... [But he was super scared of his ex-boss, you know how it goes, ha ha... ha...] Well, there were... reasons.

Except, uh... those reasons are kinda bullshit? So... whatever I've introduced myself as to anyone, you can go ahead and forget about that.

So to re-introduce myself, my name's Timothy Lawrence. You can shorten that or whatever, so long as you don't call me Jack. Literally anything but Jack, thanks.

Anyway I doubt anyone really needs help telling me apart from that other guy, since it's pretty obvious, but uh. If you're ever not sure, I'm the one that's not a self absorbed asshole.

[And with that not-so-subtle "fuck you" directed at Jack, Tim's out.]
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[The press has been buzzing and it’s finally time: Indigo League Champion Lance is making his first public appearance since “Rocket Prom”. Wild rumors have been flying around, everything from “Lance is definitely DEAD” to “Well the Rockets replaced him with an evil robot/clone/Zoroark/Ditto/hologram and it’s being Kept From the public (™)”, but the haggard-looking man on the screen definitely LOOKS like a real live person who’s been hospitalized for two weeks. And, even with the big bandage on his head, still bears Lance’s quiet air of dignity. It’s the real deal, all right.]

[He offers a weary, if stressed, smile for the camera and lifts a hand to stop the audible clamor of the paparazzi just off-camera.]

Ah-hem. This is Champion Lance speaking. First of all… for those concerned, I am definitely not dead. Or a clone. I’ve been receiving the best medical care anyone could want and am well on the road to recovery. I’d like to personally thank the mobile staff of the Indigo Plateau and Viridian City Pokemon Centers for their hard work and immediate response to the emergency, both in administering aid to injured trainers as well as working to release the captive Pokemon back into their natural habitat.

So, with that out of the way....

Well, trainers, after the… events of last week, there are a few things that need to be said.

Firstly, we, the Elite Four, are all doing as well as can be expected, and will be open for challengers again in another week. It… goes without saying that none of us enjoy suffering defeat at the hands of wrongdoers, especially on such a public, visible scale. For those whose confidence in us has been shaken, rest assured that our fine police force is doing the best they can to track down those responsible for this and see that this kind of thing never happens again. If anything can be learned from this wicked act of greed and selfishness, it is that even the strong are not infallible, and that the criminals of Team Rocket are not to be underestimated. I urge us all to stay vigilant, train hard, and contact your local police station with any information that could lead to the prevention of further Rocket violence.

Secondly, on a less solemn note… we at the Indigo Pokemon League would like to extend a very special thanks to those brave trainers who fought their way through the Rockets’ base to rescue both us and the extraordinary Pokemon who was being held captive. In a time of crisis, you all showed your mettle and rose above and beyond all expectations. You all have our sincerest gratitude, and-- for your courage-- will shortly receive a token of our personal thanks via official Indigo League Dragonite mail.

[For a moment, it looks like he’s just about wrapped things up, but then, he hesitates before adding, with just as much dignity as before:]

And one last matter. There was one book which was not recovered after the attack, one that was more...personal. A photo book. If anyone has any information about it, I would appreciate if you would step forward.

That will be all for now. Thank you.

[He begins to step down, only for a large microphone to be shoved in his face.]

Lance, what kind of token will the trainers from the incident? What do you mean by ‘personal’?

[Lance looks kind of pained, but smiles as he pushes the microphone away as politely as possible.]

That’s classified.


So, OOCly, what does all this mean?

IT MEANS IT’S PRIZE TIME!! And not just from the Elite Four-- the newly-freed Nephilis is grateful too! The list of prizes for the event are as follows!



Apr. 22nd, 2017 07:31 pm

o4 | video

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[At first the broadcast seems like it may have been unintentional with how Bertolt is moving around with it, the camera jerking and spinning around the hotel room he and the rest of his friends have been staying in. Eventually he stops, and after some hesitation, brings the camera up to eye-level to show a more-than-nervous expression and a massive Arcanine with a heavy dose of stripes sits behind him. Okay, he can do this. It's fine, right?]

S-So, uh... I've been here for a little over six months now, but I haven't really... I-I mean, uh... I'm supposed to be a breeder, but I've been... [Terrified? Afraid? Worried he was going to somehow screw something up beyond repair?] Nervous, I guess. A-Anyway, I finally tried, and, well...

[With shaky hands, Bertolt carefully turns the camera around to show off not one, not two, but six Growlithe puppies entertaining themselves with a six-way game of tug-o-war with one of his (unfortunately) favorite sweaters.]

I know breeders are supposed to try finding homes for them before they hatch, b-but I wanted to make sure they were all okay. Four are being held, but there's still two more who'll be looking for someone to rely on.


[Once he's done with his little broadcast, Bertolt's expression shifts and he throws his 'gear over onto his backpack in favor of running forward to try and grab as many of the puppies as he can with one hand and what remains of his sweater with the other.]

G-Guys, come on! T-That was my only other good one!
Apr. 22nd, 2017 08:19 am

Video Post

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Hey there, everybody!

[Oh Jack sounds so...warm and friendly...waitaminute. Yeah, that's not gonna last.]

Yeah, I just wanted to thank the many people who....


Oh wait! Hold on....

No, like nobody stopped to help me when I was having a friggin medical emergency!

What the hell is wrong with you people? You see an guy, right after a huge freaking battle, who can't breathe or walk, and you just run on by? Oh, or...or...just stand and stare and go 'uh you should be outside...'. YOU KNOW WHAT'S NOT SOMETHING YOU CAN WALK UP A BUNCH OF STAIRS DURING? A HEART ATTACK!

Shame on all of you. Shame on you, shame on your Pokemon, shame!

In case you were wondering whatever happened to that really sick dude you didn't lend a hand to...I'm fine now. But I wasn't!

You know. What with the heart attack!

[Except of course he was fine, he faked a heart attack in the name of Team Rocket, but nobody but his fellow Rockets know that. He feels his point stands, though. For all appearances, he'd had some kind of cardiac event during the base raid. And he's still sour over the lack of people who seemed to even notice.]

[He's Handsome Jack! Everybody should drop everything to help him if he so much as stubs his toe...]
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i cannot believe that YET AGAIN my birthday was ruined through weird time shenanigans beyond my control.
i mean i guess that having prom and fighting off bad guys is not the worst birthday i have ever had because nobody has died, but still!
it was my eighteenth birthday, which is kind of a big deal!!!

anyways if youre in goldenrod and want to come by the house i'm going to have like, a belated bday get together for me and jane.
you don't need to bring presents or anything. we are just going to hang out and maybe watch a few movies!
it should be fun and not very stressful.

also, does anybody have advice on being an adult??

in goldenrod ;;

Read more... )
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[The video begins with a young girl, looking to be around the age of 11 or 12, peering at the device. She had long, blonde hair, kept nicely in place with a blue, long-tailed ribbon which matches her eyes. She was dressed nicely. More fancy than anything, really, but not extravagant. Not really the kind of outfit one would expect on a every-day girl. She was clearly a high-class girl. She is unsure if the PokeGear can even be trusted, however, but she threw caution to the wind for the sake of knowledge.

Judging by what can be seen behind her, she was beneath a shady tree with some residential buildings off in the distance. She may be close to New Bark Town. Every so often, one may see a random bubble float around, accompanied by clapping and "Pop, pop!".]

"I am still not certain about this... It could be dangerous. Is it really for communicating long distances...?"

[The little lady glanced away for a moment. Above all, she seems timid and confused about her situation. Looking back to the Gear, she continues.]

"...Is there anybody who can hear me?"
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[With the Elite Four found in one piece, and when the last of the Electrodes stops powering Nephelis' cage, it seems that this strange and dangerous prom has turned out for the better. Once the energy around Nephelis fades, the nebulae of its fur blooms anew, and it takes a deep breath in and roars. The sound isn't nearly as rich as it should be, but that's understandable - the creature needs rest and time away from captivity to truly regain its strength. For now, at the very least it can thank all the trainers and Pokemon that risked their well-being.

With a growl, Nephelis pushes through the door to the camera room, then through into the hallway, taking down the monitors with it. It roars again to catch the attention of the trainers clustered around the Elite Four and whoever else might be lingering, and then backs up with a butt wiggle, glaring at the base wall in front of it, before charging forward and bursting through the wall...

And it keeps going.

You'd think Nephelis was using Dig, but from the hole left in its wake, it's clearly something that was made laborously by human hands. The Space Cat is just revealing an alternate path - and it's going up. After a few moments, there's a distinct crash, and natural light filters through from above. The cool breeze of a spring night wafts's worth the effort to climb up and check out where this tunnel leads, and boy, are you in for a surprise.

When you emerge, you'll find that the shoddy gazebo from the backyard of the Elite Four's mansion is now in pieces around the hole you came out of - at least now you have an idea of how Team Rocket pulled off their crazy stunt. Nephelis waits for everyone to emerge, the end of its tail twitching in anticipation, and once you've all made your way back to the surface, it roars one more time before bounding off and up, up into the night sky, the strange sheen of a force field melting in its wake as the heavens above fill with stars, too many to count, flecking galaxies and ribbons of nebula. For a moment, there is a collective peace, unwavering awe...

And then the Jennys swarm in, as well as the many guests who, somehow, were caught outside of the mansion when the action went down. The head officer looks exhausted, but relieved to see that so many people and Pokemon are safe, and opens her arms wide.]

Thank goodness! We've been trying to get to you hostages for a week - we were all so worried! [She doesn't pause to answer any mumblings or shouts of surprise at the timespan - a week, is that really how long it's been?!] Please stay calm, we've got a team of Joys in the front yard with medical equipment and anything you need to help combat the shock. Don't worry, we'll make sure you all get to the closest Pokemon Centers, but we'd like to make sure you're all okay, so we have to ask that you stay the night for questioning and any health treatment you might need.

[The head officer leaves it at that - though there are so many questions left unanswered, checking in with anybody who you might've been parted with, either in the fight or by the force field, sounds great right about now. Jennys and Joys will be escorting people out of the mansion and away from the backyard as quick as possible, answering questions to the best of their ability and asking YOU questions, too! What exactly happened in there? What did you see? Are there any Rockets still around that can be taken into custody? Was a Pokemon taken from you? Let them know!]


CONGRATULATIONS EVERYONE, YOU DID IT! You beat all the challenges and obstacles and got the good ending to the Rocket Prom! The event itself is now ICly concluded, but PLEASE FEEL FREE to keep tagging the prom, the battle, and the secret base for as long as you want! This event went by quick, but if you haven't had time to tag in everywhere you want, you still can! We’re also going to keep giving out item RNGs for as long as people keep asking for them. You are also welcome to respond to this post ICly if you feel like threading out post-event things. Your FABULOUS PRIZES will be coming out sometime in the next week!

Seeing as how this was our first big event, we’ve also got a Player Feedback comment down below. Please let us know how we did and if there’s anything we should keep in mind in the future!
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[It's debatable who is going to see this, considering that a great many people are in the depths of a secret villain base, and just sending this took a good few couple of tries and a hellish loading time...]

[But after a while, the network will find that a picture attachment has been posted for all to see.]

[It's a picture of a Rocket Grunt, wrapped up in what is undeniably Furret fur, and with the Furret in question right by his ear. Its mouth is wide open, tongue sticking out dangerously close to one ear. The Rocket Grunt is, uh. He's clearly not having a good time.]

[Below it is a single line of text.]

prom never fails to be wild
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As the clock nears 10 PM on Saturday, the manor (or the parts of it that people aren’t blocked off from, anyway) is completely abuzz with speculation and gossip. What could Lance possibly be planning to announce? And why haven’t any of the Elite Four even been around? They’re fairly reclusive, but it’s safe to say that everyone is at least a little curious, if not actively suspicious.

But it’s time for the big reveal, so manor staff are bustling around, reminding everybody to be in the ballroom in a few minutes for Lance’s important unveiling of… well, whatever it is he’s unveiling! The staff all seem pretty excited, so it must be big, right?

There’s been plenty of room to dance and move around in the Ballroom until now, but with everybody packed in there at once, the space is a little tighter. Especially with the small stage and podium set up in the middle. As the last (or seemingly last, assuming there aren’t any carefree stragglers who didn’t bother turning up on time) person is ushered in by staff, complete with whispers of "Psst! Hurry up, it’s almost time!", the door to the ballroom is shut and the lights dim slightly, sending a hush over the audience.

After some fumbling from whoever’s in charge of the lights (... wait, is that Captain Garfield and his Rattata up there? He’s a theater tech too?! That guy must REALLY be a jack of all trades!), a spotlight flips on and centers on the podium, where the head staffer (who might be recognized as the one with the terrible hipster mustache who’s been doing a PARTICULARLY egregious amount of schmoozing and sucking-up to trainers over the course of the party) is stepping up to the podium.

He clears his throat.

"Welcome, welcome, ladies and gentlemen! On behalf of the Elite Four, we’re all so happy you could join us! We hope you’ve all been having as good a time as we have, because I’ve got to say, I think this is our best party yet!"

He looks around at the assembled trainers eagerly, as though anticipating unanimous agreement.

When there’s an impatient buzz (and a shout of "Get on with it already!" from someone) instead, he laughs awkwardly.

"Oh, yes, well, we’re all here for one reason, right? To see what Lance has brought you all here for! Well, folks, as you can see, he’s not here with us right now… He’s had a bit of a-- how shall we say… an accident! So sad, I know! But fortunately, he’s graciously allowing us to make his announcement for him. Which is…"

On cue, the spotlight turns stark red. If anyone has the presence of mind to look, Captain Garfield's Rattata is holding a bit of red plastic filter in front of it.

But chances are, everyone’s attention is probably going to stay on the stage, because the guy at the podium literally just RIPPED HIS CLOTHING OFF DRAMATICALLY, revealing… yes… a very, very familiar black-and-red uniform underneath.

It’s followed immediately by more ripping sounds as other staff and even some partygoers scattered throughout the audience follow his lead, and the telltale noises and flashing of Pokemon being released from their balls. And many voices, all yelling at once...


The music shifts.

OOC Notes: The number of characters who must participate in the battle to call it a success is 37! In order to keep track, once you have made your first comment to this post (either a toplevel or a tag to someone else!), please bring it to the CHECK IN THREAD by 10 PM EST tomorrow! YOUR COMMENT MUST BE POSTED TO THIS THREAD IN ORDER FOR IT TO COUNT TOWARDS THE TOTAL.


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Testing? This thing on?]

...Uh. [Eloquent, Ash. Really.] Right, um, so- prom, I guess- [Okay, she thought she was prepared with what to say when she turned this thing on but apparently not? Ashley sighs, very frustrated, and-] I just- um, I was wondering, I've only been here a year, so.

Last year prom was kind of- delayed? And had...a bunch of people show up for a weekend, like they did in November, so- ...does anyone know if...that might happen again?

[It's clear in her voice she feels a bit stupid for asking, but still, there's this silly...hope clinging there. After a few more moments of silence she just turns it off.]
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So you’ve gotten on the ferry, piloted by a man loudly proclaiming himself to be Captain Garfield and won’t this be fun everybody? We’re going to a party! Hope you all like boundless enthusiasm for boating, because this guy and his trusty Rattata (who will be collecting everyone’s fees, pay up or you don’t get on!) sure do love this and want everyone to know it. Finally, through caves and up rivers, there it is, shining in the dim evening light: The Elite Four’s Mansion (and blessed freedom from Captain Garfield). It looks amazing! Bunk down for the night and get a good night’s sleep, because tomorrow? It’s party time.

BLUE areas are where the bulk of the party's events will be located! As you can see, the festivities will be taking place largely outdoors. Some of the landscaping is a little different than what longterm residents might remember-- again, this WAS the site of a pretty epic battle between Teams Aqua and Magma at one point! All the same, in two years, you’d think they’d have wrapped up most of the work… there’s a lot of large-ish dirt piles and general disarray in the grounds outside the main yard, although the main grounds are still tidied up and decked out pretty heavily for the garden party. There’s even a little gazebo set up where you can have pictures taken of you, your date, and/or your Pokemon! The gazebo smells a little like fresh paint and plywood, but the paint is at least probably dry! There’s also an indoor ballroom for the more fancy red-carpet dancing, but in general, most of the activity will be happening outside.

GREEN areas are where guests will be staying overnight! Unfortunately, you'll be sleeping-bagging it up, since there's a limited number of bedrooms in this house and they all either belong to Claire, the rest of the Elite Four, or are reserved for guests who are regrettably way more important than you. That much is the same as always-- Bruno really doesn’t want anybody digging through his underwear drawer, guys. He never has.
All that said, the green areas are where you'll be given space to leave your possessions, claim some sleeping room, and generally crash for the night once the festivities do you in.

RED areas are RESOUNDINGLY off-limits to guests! There’s a lot more blocked-off doorways than there were in the past, and if asked about them, the staff will inform you that the mansion is under heavy remodeling and to please move along! What do you want to look at a bunch of sawdust and exposed wiring for anyway! Stop being nosy!
For everybody’s safety, there will be some staff stationed near the various restricted areas to move people along and make sure nobody wanders where they shouldn’t.

AREA A is the designated Indoor Ballroom area, for the people who prefer the classy elegance of a formal red-carpet gala over the more whimsy outdoor garden party atmosphere in the back. There's a big skylight and lots of space to move around! … But the hardwood floors are looking a little scuffed, and there doesn’t seem to be the usual array of tasteful artwork on the walls anymore, even though you can still tell where a lot of the frames used to be hanging. There are some red banners strung up over most of those empty spots, and although don’t quite match the decor and they’re a little on the cheap side, they certainly make it look like a sweet party! Overall, though, a little more upscale than the shenanigans going on outside, for the people who'd rather that kind of thing.

AREA B, as some of the more bookish types will remember, is the Library/Gallery! A long-time favorite of visitors, it’s usually a nice haven for people who are a little partied-out but not ready for bed, or who just want to dig into the Elite Four’s personal collection of books and research. SADLY, this year it would seem the door is blocked off! Remodeling in there too, huh? What a shame. :(

AREA C is...well, the Parking Lot. Normally it’s spotless (no cars!), but this year it looks like they didn’t really have time to clean up, as there seems to be a lot of litter lying around. But more importantly, this is where you take your Pokemon battles if you simply gotta get your battle on; keep it out and away from the house, please, and try not to make too much of a mess. Skirmishes, sorties, and sparring will be tolerated here and here alone. Don’t be that person, guys!

AREA D … is the Elite Four’s trophy and commemoration room, and it too seems to be shut off to the public. :( Awwww.

For all other information about the Prom and the venue, head on over HERE!
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Ah, excuse me. Good afternoon.

[She says to no one in particular ever so politely because she's finally figured out how to broadcast on this weirdo device thing to the world at large. Also Sasha is sitting incredibly stiff, shoulders tense and tight, only because she's terrified of breaking the Pokegear. It looks expensive and when you break something expensive, they come looking for you to pay for it and she ain't got that kind of money.]

I received an invitation to the prom and thank you to whoever sent it, but there is a problem.

[She purses her lips to the side, flipping the invite to the backside which gives the Deerling next to her an opportunity to nibble on the corner.]

I don't know what a prom is.

[It sounds like some kind of rich people party, the kind the likes of her can't even look at much less attend.]
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So... I got an invite about this "Pokemon Prom" thing and I managed to snag an outfit from a store right here in Violet City for the event.

[He then shows the said outfit to the camera as it is hanging on the hanger he was holding.]

And unfortunately, I spent my whole allowance on that outfit. Yeah, it costs a lot, but I had to because it only allows anyone wearing a tuxedo or something!

[Tony groans in dismay, now wondering what he will do now that he's short on cash.]

I know I will earn some money from any Pokemon battles I've won, but is there any way I earn more after the prom?
Apr. 4th, 2017 07:33 pm


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Who: Cissnei, Open to anyone
Where: On the Boat, Pallet Town
When: April 4th
Summary: Fresh off the boat in Pallet Town, Cissnei is totally not stalking a flower girl.
Rating: G

Saving some space. )
Apr. 3rd, 2017 09:20 pm

Open log

dreamsofahero: ([about more than just catching them all])
[personal profile] dreamsofahero
Who: Sion, Ryner, and anyone!
Where: The Collegiate Gym, south of Ecruteak
When: various times throughout April
Summary: Catch-all log for Collegiate Gym antics for April!
Rating: PGish mostly?
Log: See comments
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Who: AoT cast, Borderlands cast, sad cat uncle, whoever else travelled in, lots of random pokemon, and hell, you, if you got any reason for stumbling on this birthday extravaganza.
Where: Sevii Island beach
When: Pre-dated a little to the Fifth of April.
Summary: There is no surprise birthday party more surprising than the one that happens two days before the guy's actual birthday.
Rating: G for Great presents.
Fun fact: Jean shares a birthday with Meg Ryan. Another fun fact: who the fuck is Meg Ryan. )


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