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Prom time again, alright!

Any ladies need a date? I'm a great prom date! I know all kinds of dances, I clean up real nice, and I don't drink, so you don't gotta worry about me getting drunk and ruining the big night! I bet it'd be fun. I mean, I never had a date to take to one of these things before, but I'm a real fun guy.

Oh, and hey Big Guy! You busy this week? Starting a project, I could use your help.
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Um, excuse me. I'm new, but what's a prom? I've never heard of that. Is it a big deal?
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[ Eager puppy much? She can't help but smile at his enthusiasm. ]

Oh, that sounds like fun. And you said that everyone goes?

Yes, I'm new. Hello, Jimmy. My name's Aerith Gainsborough. Have you been here long?
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[She knew another eager puppy and now she's just amused in the best way possible.]

Well, I guess if everyone else is going, then I can't afford to miss it. It sounds like a great way to meet friends.

Thank you for the welcome. It's good to see that there are nice people here.

[Even if she'd rather be back home.]
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Oh! That does sound really fun. I guess I've come at just the right time then.

[She's a little sad that she's never even heard of anything like this before and wonders if he ever attended something like this Pokemon Prom, but she doesn't let it show. Best to keep a happy face.]

Well, when we see each other at this prom thing, you'll have to introduce me to some of the nicer people so that I can make up my mind, won't you?
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A vacation house? Is that normal? Or is this something special? They're not held in the same place every year?

Great. I look forward to seeing you there, Jimmy. Make sure you save a dance for me, okay?