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Who: Cissnei, Open to anyone
Where: On the Boat, Pallet Town
When: April 4th
Summary: Fresh off the boat in Pallet Town, Cissnei is totally not stalking a flower girl.
Rating: G

[Long Boat Ride Ahoy!]

[When offered the chance to take a boat trip to another part of this strange new world she'd woken up in, Cissnei had waited to see what a certain familiar face was going to do. As soon as she had spotted Aerith the Turk--former Turk?--had taken it upon herself to keep an eye on the flower girl. It seemed like they were the only ones from home here and while that should have made Cissnei feel alright, it didn't.

She had no idea what was actually going on and until she had a better grasp she was going to keep a close watch on everything.

So, with her new partner that was apparently called a Vulpix, in tow, Cissnei had boarded the boat after Aerith was on board and settled in for the trip.

She took a spot near the rear of the seating area, legs stretched out slightly under the seat in front of her while she absently watched her pokemon partner dart about sniffing everything and everyone he came into contact with. Cissnei couldn't help but grin faintly, absently flipping open her Pokegear--what a strange looking device--and scrolling through some of the information about Vulpix.

Which means she doesn't notice him getting to up close and personal with the person whose seat he decided to crawl under.]

[Finally in Pallet Town]

Now I remember why I never volunteered for jobs that included boats.

[Stretching her arms over her head, Cissnei allowed herself a moment to fully relax and decompress. Her body felt stiff, stiffer than it should given she was use to riding in cramped spaces, but it probably had a lot to do with how much thinking she'd done on the boat.

A dangerous thing really.

Arms dropping, the Turk glanced down at her Vulpix who chirped happily at her, stomping his paws on the ground in delight.]

...I think I'm going to call you Reno. How does that sound?

[The Vulpix practically bounced in delight, not understanding what she was saying really but hey he liked her tone! Cissnei giggled softly before starting forward, the little fox-like creature trotting along at her heels.]

Let's see what this place has to offer, shall we?

[She needed to figure out where Aerith went anyway.]
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[Her going after being shoved out of her "house" by her "mom" and told to go on a journey had been.... slow. Strange music. Strange creatures. Strange....everything. Not to mention the loss of her connection to the planet and her powers.

Being outside in the open air without having to worry about Turks, ShinRa and being the last of a people that can communicate with the planet. Everything was new and exciting. And she took her time in looking at everything. So, the fact that it took her an hour to get to the docks and to find the Ferry to the other side, well, it shouldn't surprise anyone.

With her Flabébé beside her since she left the house, Aerith paid the money to take a chance to travel further. She took a seat at the stern of the deck and watched everything. A nudge at her boots catches her attention and she bends down to see what the problem is.

A red animal-thing makes her blink before she smiles and moves her feet.]

Hello there. Who are you?

[Does she see the Turk in the back? Not yet, but that's bound to change.]