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114th moon [video]

[There is a pile of eggs on the screen. It is a very large and colorful pile of eggs. Isn't it enchanting?]

My team has generously decided to spread their talents once more. Would anyone like to benefit from it?

[Cecil does not sound enchanted, for some reason. Maybe it's because he cannot see his bed anymore?]

I'll take P1500 for most of the eggs, with the Magikarps and the Caterpies at a third of the price. I'm also willing to trade for eggs or young specimen of the more recent or uncommon species.

[Wasn't emptying his reserve of eggs the whole point, though...?]

Any purchase would be appreciated, truly.

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..What do you have for water Pokemon?

[Because someone has a problem.]
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[Noctis is quiet for a second as he looks through his Pokedex before--]

Could I get Lapras, Omanyte and Popplio?
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Awesome! We're in Olivine at the moment.

[An eyebrow goes up.]

Yeah, sure, what's up?
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Yeah, I've seen one before so I'll recognize it!

[And if he doesn't, Bean will since she's way more attentive than he is. Though seeing one appear in view does help, so thanks for that, cutie~

Noct's expression turns thoughtful now and he nods.]

I can do that, promise. I'll be in touch after it hatches and send pictures along with the update!
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Re: [Video]

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[He can't help but laugh.]

I'll try my best not to let it happen but no promises.

[Look at how cute she is. How can he resist?]

Lenora's the mom, I take it? I'll make sure to send updates as we go, once the baby hatches, I mean. If you don't mind me doing that, I guess. I don't want to spam your inbox or anything.
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Sounds like a few of my Pokemon.

[Actually, more than a few.]

Alright, then I'll make sure to send them. Especially since this is your first..litter? Clutch? Of Popplios, I mean.

...I'm not sure what the right term for it would be.
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[So, so true.]

Pokemon are just kind of confusing, when you really think about it.