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Pikachu Shinka...! - Video

[It's selfie stick time, with Yayoi's juryrigged selfie stick. She's made it back to Goldenrod and she's holding up a Thunderstone.]

Hey all, just as a heads up, Pikachu made her decision. She's evolving today and everyone is welcome to send her well wishes. My whole team is super excited for this too.

And we're here on the sunny Sevii Islands and it's soooo nice, I might want to spend a week here for my Pokemon to relax. And speaking of Pokemon...

[She turns the device around to show off a cool looking Alola Geodude who was basking in the sun with sunglasses.]

He literally rolled up to me this morning when I arrived, and tagged along since. I think he's now mine.

Now then, presenting Pikachu in her finest!

[Pikachu is standing on a bench, and another Pokemon of hers, Rapidash, takes the stick to show off the pair. Yayoi literally kneels down in front of her and offers the stone like a retainer to a queen in all of its fanfare, as Pikachu takes it, and in a poof of light and evolution music, Pikachu has evolved to Alola Raichu!]

Rai Rai!

She thought long and hard about evolving, and I think everyone here is happy with the decision. Even Mimikyu.

[Said Mimikyu seems to be grinning, as he rubs cheeks with Raichu.]

Although she still wants to be called Pikachu. I guess it's her nickname now.
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Congratulations on the evolution and your new companion!

[Cissnei has a warm smile on her face, her and Korra currently taking a bit of a break from their walking. Her own Pikachu, Flux, is hanging on her shoulder and gives a happy 'Pika!' to congratulate his brethren.]

Pikachu looks very lovely.
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[Flux's ears flick happily and he presses his paws to his cheeks to smush his face a bit. He's a goof. Ignore him.]

It's always nice to hear that Pokemon are pleased with their decision. I have two that have yet to make that call themselves but I'm sure they'll decide when they're ready.

[She lifts a hand to rub at one of Flux's ears and he chirps happily.]

Enjoying the islands in general, I hope?
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[Oh see now Flux just has to try and be a charmer~ This is the first time he's gotten to speak to another of his kind and she is super cute. He squeaks and chirps at her, scrambling up onto Cissnei's shoulder more so he can sit instead of just hang, fluffing himself up a bit as he Pikachu-grins.]

Alola variations are so fascinating to me. I ended up with an Alola Exeggutor when I visited.

[Which is just hilarious and wonderful, to be honest.]

You should. I highly recommend visiting as many of the islands as you can. I didn't get to visit near enough of them but my current traveling companion and I are heading there slowly but surely.
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[Flux let's out a happy giggle of softs, clapping his paws together before squeezing his face again. You are so cute, friend!]

They are extremely adorable, I can't lie. Rocket has become a really great member of our team. Nothing seems to really upset him.

[Very happy go lucky at times.]

The islands are a good place for that. Nice weather, lots of different Pokemon variations to encounter and just a great place to train. I hope he settles in well.
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[Flux is used to glares like that; he's got a Mimikyu on his end, too. That's not going to stop him from grinning and winking at the Raichu, chirping at her in a sing-songy sort of manner.]

Heading back to Goldenrod once you're done there or are you staying in Kanto for a bit.
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[Flux is about to chirp out something else when he's suddenly grabbed by two black appendages and pulled off Cissnei's shoulder with a squeal. A moment later another Pokemon takes his spot--her own Mimikyu.

Cissnei sighs, shifting to check on Flux before she focuses on the video again.]

Understandable. I'm trying to get all the gyms here done before I check out Johto myself.
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[Bahamut doesn't reply, just stares like he always does, bopping in place as he does.]

I've found the best way to go about it is question people about the gyms before hand then stock up on TMs that may help. My Furfrou has become my default Pokemon to use if I don't have a specific type since she can learn so many different things.
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I don't see why you'd have any trouble there. Electric pokemon seem quite versatile.

[Off screen, Flux chirps several times and Bahamut pauses in his bopping to turn and stare down at the other. Quiet you.]
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An extremely handy move to have. I still need to get my hands on that for Flux. He seems rather fond of fighting moves, though. It's hard to get him to agree to anything else.

[Another chirp and another blank stare to silence him before Bahamut is focused on the camera again. After a few seconds of silence he let's out a quiet little rumble.

Yes he likes you Deathkyu. Laugh all you want at the stupid Pikachu.]
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[Cissnei's lips quirk.]

I can only imagine what a sight to behold that is.

[Thank you friend. Bahamut is quite pleased to be approved of.]