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[Video Post 002]

The video opens on Ignis, seeming to have figured out at least orientation of the camera by feel. Sweat has his shirt sticking to his chest and his sleeves are rolled. It was obvious he'd been putting in a lot of physical exertion and the heat was getting to him as well despite the fact the sun had gone down. Oleander was holding his lamp.

I'm ... slightly lost at the moment. According to my watch chime it's reached nightfall, not convenient for me considering I started out when it was day. I'm sure Noct and Prompto, you'll be able to find me. I doubt I'm far.

He motions behind himself where a sheepish looking Dahlia was standing.

This one dragged me out this way, something about a Shinx according to the the Pokedex but I haven't found a thing and I've been running at a hard pace for awhile.

In the image of the video something was peeking out, then floating towards Ignis from behind. Something distinctly orange. It was a large Pumpkaboo, curiously floating towards them. The light started to shake when Oleander noticed it approaching.

I think I'll be calling it a day, to be honest. I doubt I'll be catching anything at this point and it's late. I would say it hasn't been all that awful of an evening though as--

Dahlia lets out a surprised squeal when the Pumpkaboo enters her line of sight, pulling Ignis's attention. The video feed cut out...

Then a simple network message posted some minutes later.


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What have we told you about wandering off?

[It's clearly a teasing tone, the prince letting out an amused snort.]

While I'm really glad you guys defeated that Pumpkaboo, apparently, want to turn the video back on so I can get an idea of where you are before I send Shepard?
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[Noct's eyes narrow a bit, trying to figure out what was going on with his hair.]

Yeah, that'd work. And hey, at least you caught the Pumpkaboo, right?

[A pause.]

What's in your hair?
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It's not that bad.

[Really, it's not. It had been shocking at first but Ignis was still Ignis--aka handsome as hell.

Okay yep.

There is definitely something on his head.]

I'm pretty sure there's something alive on your head, Specs. Did you pick up another Pokemon and not realize it??
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Yeah..I think Dahlia's having too much fun watching this play out

[Noctis sounds pretty amused himself before wincing as the Goomy started trying to move around so it couldn't get caught.]

Where's that crazy bird? Ravioli. He could take that thing out!
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[Noctis winces as soon as he sees the Pidgey dive, starting to say something then wincing again as the gear hits the ground.]


[He frowns slightly as the Pumpkaboo appears, an eyebrow going up.]

Uh..hey little guy...where's Ignis?
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[Alright then.

That little exchange just prompts Noctis to pick up the pace in terms of tracking the other down, once again thankful that Shepard is good at what she does. The Lycanroc picks up the scent pretty quick and soon enough the prince and his companion find his whatever situation he might be in.]

..Ignis, you alright?
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......You look like shit.

[Ignis are you okay? Can you stand? Do you have any other injuries?

A normal person would have asked those questions but this is Noctis we're talking about. Instead he can't help but blurt out the first thing that comes to mind as he looks over the older man, eyebrows up.]

What the hell is that thing your bird's got? Did Dahlia scan it yet?

[Shepard can't help but want to investigate, snickering softly as she wanders over to where Ravioli was with the Goomy.

Having fun, kid?]
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[Yeah, about that..]

So I saw. You okay?

[His tone is an apologetic one because he knows that should have been his first question. Excuse him while he makes his way over to where his steward is to get a better look at him.]

I can send Shepard to find them, if you want.

[Said Lycanroc flicks her tail, looking at Ravioli with amusement.]

You can probably get off it now.
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[Noctis snorts softly and reaches up to pull a couple of feather's out of Ignis's hair as gently as he can.]

I'd say that's an understatement.

[He adores the little Audino but she does have a nasty habit of leading Ignis astray. They definitely needed to work on that.

Shepard's amusement fades as she watches the Goomy deflate and with a soft chuff she wanders closer. She drops to all fours and rests on her belly, almost nose to...snout?..with the Goomy.]

Don't mind him. He's just a clean freak. I think you're pretty~
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[Noctis pauses, having been about to pull out another feather when Ignis spoke.]

Like me?

[He's not sure if that's a compliment or not.]

That's a scary thought.

[Shepard huffs and winks at the little Goomy, reaching out with a paw to gently scoot the little creature closer.]

I don't mind~ Nothing a good wash and a haircut won't fix in the end!
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At this rate you're going to end up with a Pokemon that acts like everyone you know.

[It's said fondly because, let's be honest, Noctis has several like that. A few more feathers are pulled free of Ignis's hair before the prince gives into temptation and ruffles it.]

Looks like a bath's in order tonight, Specs.

[Shepard didn't look bothered by the prospect, bumping her nose against the Goomy without any hesitation.]

It'll grow back! Don't worry so much, smalls~
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[Eh, he's dealt with worse since coming to this world. He'll just have to take a good bath himself later.]

Over with Shepard. I think she's trying to comfort it.

[And indeed she is.

Shepard rumbled happily, keeping her nose pressed against the other.]

You're welcome. I'm Shepard!
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[You know, if it were anyone else he might get offended at being pat down. But he let's Ignis take his 'gear and leans over to see what comes up.]

Yeah...I've hard of them but I've never actually seen one before. Could be nice to have with you, though, since it's Dragon-type and all.

[Shepard smiles in that canine way, giving a nod.]

They won't mind at all. Ignis is the one you're going to be with and he's very nice. And very easy going. Noctis is my trainer! They travel together.
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Probably. Who knows how long it would have hung out in your hair if it wasn't for me, though.

[He's smirking, can you tell?

He watches as Ignis kneels down, smiling to himself as the Goomy seems to get great joy out of being accepted.

God is it slimy though.

Shepard just gives a chuff of a bark in response, glad to see the other accepted. She could worry about her own nose later.]

Congrats on the catch, Ignis~
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[Noctis and Shepard both snicker at that comment, the Lycanroc turning to lead the way.]

Alright, alright. Let's go, specs. I can give Shepard a bath while you get yourself dolled up.
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[Noctis ducked away from the offending hand, making a face as he ran his fingers through the now sticky strands.]

Gee, thanks, Specs.