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[The video starts with a very small section of someone's face showing part of a yellow eye, smooth mocha skin, and a mess of red hair blowing in a light breeze. Obviously the user has no idea how to use a camera.]

Greetings, citizens! I am prince Sidon of the Zora... Though that seems to be irrelevant here, however it would be most impolite of me to forgo an introduction.

[The camera is taken from his hands by someone else, and he protests for just a moment before the view pulls out to reveal the speaker from the waist up, a handsome man wearing the garb of a ranger.]

Ah, yes. Thank you, Link. As I was saying, I am a new arrival to this world, and while I have many questions, I understand that most either will have no answer or are best answered by discovering myself. So the question I pose to... whoever can see this is what does one wear in this realm when they desire to be seen as fashionable and upstanding? I do not require royal garb, but rather something the denizens of this world will find handsome and respectable. I thank you greatly in advance for your assistance in this matter.

[He places a hand over his heart in a sincere gesture just before the person holding the pokegear cuts the feed.]
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[After taking the Pokegear and playing camera-man for Sidon, Link clicks the device off before laughing lightly. (He'd been holding back for the sake of the prince's video, okay!)

A bright smile appears and he offers Sidon his 'gear back while his Buizel let's out a happy bark where he sits at the hero's side.

He still wasn't sure what to make of all this. It had been weird enough waking up with his 'mom' telling him it was time to go and then there was his Pokemon(???) partner that he'd dubbed Pumpkin. But then to top it off he'd run into Sidon who was human. Still very tall but very human.

Yep. This was all pretty strange.

Link tilted his head and motioned towards the small amount of buildings that make up Pallet Town.

Want to see what they have?]
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[Link nodded quickly and motioned for Pumpkin to take the lead, the Buizel darting ahead on all fours with his twin tails lashing. The blonde smiled at Sidon then followed after, knowing the prince wouldn't be far behind.

The town was very quaint and reminded him quite a bit of some of the villages he'd visited back in Hyrule.

The otter leading the way made a beeline for the fish market, of course, and Link's eyes lit up at the sight.

So. Much. Potential. Food.

He turned to Sidon and motioned before rubbing his hands together. If they got some fish he could make them food later, once they were done exploring.]