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So here's something I didn't know about Pewter City. They're really into food.

Oh...yeah. [Korra laughs a little and runs her hand through her hair. Or sort of, she's wearing a ridiculous tourist-y sunhat. It's big. It's floppy. It's got Magikarp on it.]

I'm in Kanto now. Finally made it over here...after years...

But Cissnei and I are in Pewter right now and I swear there's as many places to eat as there are Pokemon! Some of the food's kind of weird. I don't get what the big deal about 'deconstructing' food is, just make the food. I order a seafood chowder, I sort of expect chowder. Not...a bunch of mollusks on a dish and some weird seafood cream on the side. I mean it was good but it was weird.

My Pikachu are loving it here. I think they've doubled in size....
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I have never seen so many restaurants in one place. Even back home, in the city, we didn't have anything quite like this.

[Cissnei had been window shopping when Korra made her post, coming back to her companion's side once she took a break. The red head was far more relaxed than she had ever really been, dressed more casually as well in a maroon batwing shirt, shorts, sneakers and a floppy sun-hat similar to Korra's put hers had Goldeen's all over it.]

It's enough to make me want to spend way more money than I should. [It's said with a grin though because she is having way too much fun to care.]
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[Cissnei had noticed that Korra was quite the food fan and was more than happy to indulge in a food tour of Pewter City with her. Some of her Pokemon were as well.

Her grin melts into a smile and she laughs.]

My first pass through Kanto I tackled gyms and worked at the Pokemon Centers. I didn't really indulge much so this is a lot of fun.

[And not something she had ever really thought to do.]

I meant to ask, since I read about it in one of the pamphlets from the Pokemon Center, any interest in checking out the museum? I'm curious to see what other types of Fossil Pokemon there are.
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[See, this is why they got along so well. They had a lot of similar interests. And even when they didn't both of them were willing to compromise to make sure their vacation was enjoyable.

It was perfect.]

My thoughts exactly, in regards to local legends. [Cissnei grinned, moving to hook an arm through Korra's. Another nice change for Cissnei; being more engaging with others. Being more willing to touch in a casual manner. It was not really something she ever allowed back home.] And along the way we can try some of the desserts this place has to offer. I keep hearing about something called a crepe that sounds very intriguing.
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I'll have to pay a visit to Azalea one day so I can try them. They sound amazing.

[Cissnei can't help but laugh as Korra whips out her sunglasses, both of them enjoying the tourist life way too much.

But it's hardly a bad thing, in her opinion.]

Anything with chocolate and strawberries has to be good. [She grins.] I might have taken a peek at one of the menus.
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[That's alright; Cissnei doesn't mind. A conversation for another time maybe.]

Korra. Are you trying to tempt me to get a delicious dessert before visiting a museum?

[She's using a mock offended tone, shaking her head as she playfully sighs.]

What a terrible influence. [The facade only lasts for a moment before Cissnei laughs.] Crepes it is! Let's get ourselves some energy before we do something educational~
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[Cissnei can't stop her laughter now, tugging on Korra's arm to lead her along.]

True! I suppose I'm guilty of influencing you to come to Kanto so it's only fair that you influence me to try every type of food imaginable.