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4th Curse [Video] [Forward dated to Friday the 21st]

 [ Todays viral video that's spreading like wildfire features a pink haired trainer handing out flyers at the Game Corner in Goldenrod. She looks sort of bored but she's making the most of it with some encouraging smiles and while you can't hear what she's saying she seems to be convincing some people to go seek out the Game Corner for a good time.

Then you can vaguely hear some shouting and as she turns around to see what's going on a FUCKING MILTANK comes out of nowhere performing a rollout attack and crashes into her legs sending her flying and her flyers going everywhere.

She hits the ground hard enough the crowd winces as the trainer of the Miltank goes running by to try and stop it. Meanwhile pink haired girl is scrambling to retrieve her flyers...a strong gust of wind sweeps them up and turns them into a rolling tornado of papers. 

At this point most people might give up but this girl apparently is stubborn because she goes racing after them, leaping over a bench and catching some papers out of the air. Indeed her acrobatics are quite impressive...until she catches her foot wrong on a trashcan and falls into it butt first.

The papers are flying away and she's struggling to get out, even calling out her Honchkrow to help her.

...the Honchkrow simply starts laughing. So is apparently the person holding the camera because it's shaking and when the pink haired girl glares and waves a hand the camera person can't stop giggling long enough to get her out.

It's OK though because...CRASH! The Miltank is back and sends the pink haired girl, and her trashcan flying. When it smashes back to the ground she's running ontop of it in a desperate scramble as it rolls down hill and out of sight. The camera person doesn't seem to be able to follow she's laughing so hard. might think the video is over...but then you hear a loud buzzing sound.

Running back up the hill the pink haired girl is looking terrified and for good reason. Somehow she must have crashed her can into a tree or something because a swarm of angry Beedril are now hot on her heels shooting off pin missiles. It's at this point the camera person decides to take cover inside a nearby building. When she turns the camera back to a window you can see the pink haired girl swinging a tree branch wildly while a Litten, a Torracat, a ponyta and the Honchkrow are all trying to ward off the Beedril.

And now her hair is on fire thanks to a misfire from the ponyta. Shrieking she calls out a Brionne who hoses her down and leaves her sopping wet, hair singed, stung in several places and clutching a few ruined Game Corner flyers. Finally spotting the camera person again she holds up the most legible Game Corner Flyer so the camera can see it. 

How's that for Viral Marketing?

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[Congrats, Jynx. You get an actual video from this asshole. He's bundled up in normal clothes, sitting on a rock..or a chunk of ice, it's hard to tell, looking thoroughly amused.]

Beauty and grace~
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You sure about that? You don't look like you're in the condition to do anything.

[His grin grows as he winks at her.]

Nice haircut.
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Aw, don't be like that~

Bad luck follow you wherever you go or something?

[Hey, he's not saying it's bad. It looks really good on you, Jynx. That's just not something he'd say outloud.]
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Special power? Sounds handy.

[God does he miss his own powers.]

You a super hero or something?

[It comes out in a drawl, an eyebrow going up.]
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[His lips quirk into a grin.

Oh he's definitely interested in hearing the real story.]

Sounds like tons of fun. I never bothered with school--just traveled a lot. Guess I might have missed out on being social or something.

[Not that he cares.]

I'm guessing you know how to use it really well?
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That's for sure. Everything I've heard about school just sounds pointless.

Sounds like me and my powers. You don't even have to think about it once you're use to them.
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If you say so.

I could control darkness. Create monsters out of it. Travel to different worlds. Wield a Keyblade. That sort of stuff.
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Not unless a demon is forged out of the darkest emotions in a person's heart. I'm one half of a whole--or at least, I was before I came here.

[Now he's a real boy.]

Not everyone can wield them so I'm not surprised.
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Re: [Video]

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[He can't help but snicker.]

I doubt anyone really wants to know how it happens.

[Her question makes him shrug, the young man seemingly indifferent about it.]

It's weird but I can't complain, I guess.

[Yes he can. Having a full range of emotions is terrifying.]
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...I can feel other emotions. That's the weirdest part. Back home there was just a certain range of emotions I could feel, since I was all of the dark parts of Ven--of my other half.

And I have my own heart--it's not just a heart I share with someone else.
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I guess that's one way of looking at it.

[He smirks lazily.]

Does make things more interesting.
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I can't lie, it's nice not having my other half around or the old geezer that was bossing me around all the time.