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12th Recipe [Video, Azalea Town; Freaky Friday - Baton Pass]

[Alright - this was it. Today was going to be the day. Jane had been goofing off and ignoring the ache in her chest at the disappearance of so many of her friends from home for too long, but now it was time to get down to business.

Today she was going to challenge the Azalea Gym.


Or, well, you know. She would, if the feed wasn't focused on her having difficulty figuring out how to open her inn room door. No matter how slowly she goes, her hand just keeps missing the doorknob. A shiny Delphox hovers nearby, reaching out to her every so often.]

No, August, it's fine! It's fine, I can do it myself! [Hand pats the knob. Hand cannot figure out how to close around knob.] I've been here a year now, I can open some silly old door! Promise.

[The Delphox turns to where the Poke'gear is, ears lowered in concern, his thoughts audible to all.] Dinah, she's being stubborn aga...are you filming this?

[An Audino giggles, the feed shaking slightly, and Jane turns.]

Wha - hey, now! Cut it out! I've almost got it! Gosh, some partner you are, making fun of me!

[...What in the heck is going on in Johto today.]
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[Link is staring at his 'gear in confusion for a moment before he glances at his Buizel who chirp-barks with a shrug.]

Maybe you should let one of them help you?

Or at least the one not filming.
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[Link gives her a look that clearly says he doesn't believe her.]

Maybe the door's broke?
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If it won't open it's probably broke. Or may something is jamming it?

[He looks thoughtful now before perking up.


Break it down!
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[The young man frowns in confusion.]

It can just be fixed afterwards.
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[Another look is exchanged between Link and the Buizel.]

You could just break it down

and not worry about it?

Just leave?
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Aren't there other inns?

[He's genuinely confused okay. If one innkeep has an issue with you, just find another!]
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So breaking pots is probably not a good thing either, is it?
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[Link immediately shakes his head, doing his best to look sincere. Why would he ever do that???

His Buizel, on the other hand, happily nods his head looking quite proud. The blonde immediately--and gently--shoves Pumpkin out of view, glancing at the 'gear and smiling sheepishly.

Aha...maybe..a few?]
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[His sheepish look only gets worse but he nods quickly.

Right. No more breaking pots.]
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[Is it that obvious?

Link smiles awkwardly, nodding as he switches to text again.]


I've only been here for about a week.
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[Well that's good at least!

Link ducks his head slightly and his Buizel does the same, the pair sharing a glance before they both look at the 'gear and nod.

Yes ma'am.]
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[Link smiles then looks thoughtful, considering what he might need to ask before he switches to text.]

Are we

Do people hunt Pokemon???

Back home I use to hunt deer and boars.

All that's here is Pokemon though.
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[Well that explains why an old man got mad at him for trying to get his Miltank...]

Then who does the hunting? Is that a job we can do? I'd be good at that.


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