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[Video 001] - Backdated to Freaky Friday

[The video snaps on first mostly because the Pokegear recording hit the ground. It's looking straight up at a large tree and something--or someone--has done something to upset a lot of Pidgeys if they way they're flying about is any indication.

A second later there's a loud crack and a yelp as a blonde young man falls out of the tree, an egg clutched in his arm as he falls right on top of his 'Gear.

For a moment there's nothing then the view comes back as the young man scrambles up, grabbing his 'gear in the process and takes off running. A Buziel and Lillipup come into view briefly as they run alongside their trainer, all three of them fleeing as a flock of angry Pidgey's follows.

Sadly, they aren't quick enough because a Pidgey dive-bombs the young man a moment later and the 'gear goes flying as he hits the ground, the last thing visible before the 'gear turns off his Link curling into a ball as Pidgey's attack him, the egg he'd stolen resting unharmed off to the side.]

[Fifteen minutes and a couple potions later, the video comes back as Link sits on a log looking worse for the wear, his Buizel sitting beside him looking exhausted while his Lillipup yips and clearly scolds the pair. Link sighs quietly before waving at his 'gear awkwardly, switching to text.]

Apparently I can't climb trees today.

Or swim.

Or climb rocks.
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And, you're sure you could do it before?

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I guess that's things I've heard people do before.
Maybe you're just having an off day....?
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[It's okay, Link. You're among friends who also fuck up a lot. It's fine.]

Wait, you want to make an omlette?

Umm, you know you can go and buy eggs at the store, right? You don't have to look for them in trees.
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[What is this life.]

I mean, it's kind of
easier? I guess? to go to the store
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Oh, well, I guess that's true?

But I wouldn't want you to get yourself hurt over this.
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healing... springs? Like a bathtub?
Ummmm, i don't know. I've never tried to use a potion on myself before.
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There are fairy pokemon?
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I don't know!
You just find them like any other pokemon I guess.
The pokedex SHOULD be able to tell you which is which though
I think it can do that.
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Well, a type of them are
and it was only discovered a few months ago.
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Sure! Things here are changing all the time! You never know what might happen on any other day.

It's actually kind of fun when you think about it.
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Well, if that's what you really want to do.
I guess I can't really say anything besides good luck!
I'm sure there are fairy pokemon somewhere.