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video - backdated to the 20th


[ Haurchefant sits with his Goodra wrapped around him, letting out excited coos. ] My dear Pokemon have had some eggs. It's quite the interesting thing, is it not? That these Pokemon can all reproduce, though they all look quite different.
[ A pause. ] But I imagine it's been quite some time since that was first observed. To think we've been coming to this land for so long... anyway! If anybody would wish to buy some of these eggs, I shall include a list of what I think have bred.
...Also, are there any more horse-like Pokemon out there in this wide world? I've Rapidash, Zebstrika, Mudsdale, and Deerling in my team.

((ooc egg post here.))
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[Video + Text]

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[The blonde that appears over the 'gear isn't one Haruchefant would have ever seen before but that's not going to stop Link from waving cheerfully. His Buizel, Pumpkin, is just barely visible in the corner of the video, chirping and barking quietly as if telling Link what he needs to do.]

What does a Mudbray look like?

Is that a horse?
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[Link perks up at the sight of the Mudsdale, smiling brightly.]

They're beautiful!

Could I adopt one?


His expression falters.]

How much are they? I spent most of my money on the ferry to Kanto..
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[And that gets a look of surprise out of the young hero.]

Are you sure?

I'll pay you back in the future somehow. It's a promise!
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[Link's smile is a sincere one and he presses his free hand to his chest and gives a partial bow before attempting to type again.]

Thank you. I really do appreciate the kindness and will find some way to pay it back!
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[A lord, hm?

Link straightens up, standing a bit more proper rather than the relaxed slump he had before.]

My name is Link, from the Kingdom of Hyrule. It's a pleasure to meet you, sir.
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You do look Hylian but you're most likely right.

[He smiles a bit, allowing himself to relax.]

Yes I guess we are.
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[What a strange looking creature that is..]

Yes. They are one of the races in Hyrule, where I'm from. I thought you were Hylian when I saw you. Looks like are worlds are similar in some ways!