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[Naltryd had never really considered herself a gambling woman, exactly. Growing up not too far from the Gold Saucer back in Eorzea had meant trips there every so often and there was a certain thrill of betting on chocobo races and playing various games, but it was never a focus.

Curse Celadon City, then, and its casino. She and Haurchefant have been spending some time in the city, and while she's been spending time training both her Growlithe and the aforementioned elezen (in hand to hand, for the latter), she's been frequenting the game center quite a bit. Her pokémon sits at her feet as she scowls at one of the slot machines.]

You truly are starved for my coins, aren't you?

[Yes, she's talking to the machine. Even her Growlithe looks ashamed of his trainer.]
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How many coins have you spent on that game?

Do you get anything good from it?
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Oh those things that teach Pokemon moves?

What rare Pokemon?
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I guess I should read up about them.

That's a fair assumption.

Which one are you trying to get?
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[His response is delayed as he looks up what a Dratini--and a Growlithe--looks like.]

Dratini is really pretty. Looks like it becomes strong too.

Growlithe are fire dogs? They look like good companions.
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Pumpkin is like that. He's been a really good companion since I got here. My other Pokemon are getting there too.
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[Picture time!]

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[Excuse him while he sends a picture of his Buizel, the jolly little thing beaming at the camera with it's paws thrown up in the air.]