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[Thankfully, Hanako is not a complete stranger to technology, so getting the camera feed to work is not an issue. She does look more than a little nervous though, and on closer inspection, one might catch a glimpse of some...rather terrible scarring on her face. There's also the slightly crooked ears of what may possibly be a Pikachu sticking out from behind a nearby tree, the creature seeming to be trembling.]

Um...I...I'm really confused. [And frightened, but she's trying not to break down right now. Deep breaths. It's taking all her focus to not start shaking and/or crying.]

W-what am I supposed to do? I d-don't know where to go or...well...anything.
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This place does that. Confuses people, I mean.

[Hey there, newcomer. Noctis offers a friendly smile and a slightly awkward wave. The wall behind him moves suddenly and a face comes into view as Bean, his Snorlax, leans down to take a peek at the girl as well.]

You're most likely either in New Bark Town or Pallet Town depending on which region you ended up in.
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Yeah it's kind of how this place works. None of us were really expecting it and then poof, here we are.

[Noctis blinks then tilts his head up, grinning after a second.]

Oh, this is Bean. She's my Snorlax.
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As far as I know Pokemon don't eat people. Mostly just berries and poffins, stuff like that.

[And sometimes other Pokemon but let's not get into that.

Behind him, Bean rumbles and lifts a paw in a wave that's only half visible on the screen.]
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Re: [Video]

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[Noct smiles in as a comforting of a manner as he can manage.]

I promise she's friendly. Most Pokemon are. Every now and then you run into one with a bad attitude but most of them just want to be your friend.
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It's not. They make for really great friends. Bean and I have been together for seven months now and I don't know what I'd do without her.

[Said Snorlax rumbles and her arms wrap around Noctis so she can pick him up, causing him to yelp softly.]

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No--no I'm fine! She's just very enthusiastic!

[Bean rumbles happily before setting her squirming trainer down and patting his head. Noctis heaves a breath and let's it out slowly, mock glaring at his Snorlax before smiling at the 'gear.]

I'm Noctis, by the way.
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It's nice to meet you, Hanako. I promise this will all get easier to deal with. It's actually pretty great here.
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Anything in particular you need to know right now? Do you know where to go from there?
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Re: [Video]

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Alright well..if you do need anything, feel free to send me a message anytime, okay?