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Video Post: Saying Goodbye -- Backdated to last week

[When the video starts, there's no parade of excited Pokemon. Angel doesn't laugh as the feed clicks on, and none of her human friends come on screen to join her. For a long moment, she's quiet, stroking the soft head of a young Hoothoot. For those who care to look closely, Angel's eyes are puffy and rimming with yet unshed tears.]

I... do not know how many of you knew Athena. [Her voice was rough and worn, weighed down by her apparent grief.] But... her Pokemon appeared in my box this morning. She is not answering her 'gear. She's not... here with us.

[Angel shifted in order to wrap her arms around herself.]

It... is for that reason that I must conclude that she has left the region and gone home. [A breath, and a shaky one at that.] If nothing else, she is with her beloved now. We... can rejoice in that much.

[With that, Angel gracelessly shuts the feed off. Anyone who responds, however, will be responded to, though it may take some time.]
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I'm so sorry, Angel.

[Cissnei hadn't ever met Athena but she considered Angel a friend and seeing the other young woman so upset...

The Turk's expression is a soft one--a gentle one as she addresses the other, cradling Cetra, her Alola Vulpix, in her arms.]

It's a sad situation no matter what but it's good to hear there's someone back home waiting for her, at least.
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I doubt she wanted to cause you any pain by leaving, Angel. It seems like it's never really a choice for anyone.

[Cissnei..isn't very good at this sort of thing, mostly because she doesn't have a lot of experience with loss. Hell, she still hadn't really come to terms with the loss she'd experienced back home.

But she was willing to try her best.]

...There's nothing wrong with being upset and at a loss for what to think or do, though. It's normal. [She smiles sadly, an expression that only lasts a moment.] Unfortunate..but normal.
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It doesn't have anything to do with you as a person, Angel.

[It's said firmly as Cissnei shakes her head slightly.]

These things just happen sometimes, if everything I've heard is any indication. You've done nothing wrong and I'm pretty sure you aren't some sort of bad omen.
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Everyone has their moments when they feel like that, Angel. Again, you don't have anything to apologize for.

[And she means it.]

Just know that you have friends here if you need to talk. Or even if you just need company so you aren't alone with your thoughts.
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[Cissnei smiles softly, sincerely, as she nods.]

I appreciate that, Angel. I'm glad I could make you feel better as well. It's going to take awhile for the pain to ease but I have no doubts you're strong enough to get through it and also smart enough to know it's alright to lean on others until then.

If there's anything I can do from this point forward, don't hesitate to message me. I can get around pretty quickly these days thanks to some of the HMs I've obtained.
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[Cissnei knows from experience how nice it is to have a chance to break away from particular conversations. She's more than happy to give that opening and she's glad that Angel is taking it.]

Fly, strength and rock smash thus far. I have a few more gyms to hit up before I have the full set from Kanto. Fly has been extremely handy especially. I've had to make several trips to Johto as of late.