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[Open Log] The Collegiate Gym

Who: Newt, Sion, Ryner and anyone else!
Where: Ecruteak/The Collegiate Gym
When: August 6th and on (He's going to be here awhile sorry)
Summary: Newt is newly arrived in Ecruteak!...and is bee-lining for the gym. This is going to ultimately be a catch all for his time at the Gym and in Ecruteak so it's not limited to just the initial post by any means.
Rating: PG

[To say Newt was excited to visit the gym was a bit of an understatement. He was thrilled at the idea of visiting a library in this place and reading up on whatever he could in regards to the creatures of the world. Being out in the field and observing them first hand was definitely his preferred method but without magic, traveling around did take longer. A lot longer. He really needed to get his hands on some of those HMs he'd been hearing about...

Regardless, he'd made it to Ecruteak and found the Collegiate Gym where it sat just south of the city.

As he entered the building Newt hesitated, glancing around for any signs of other people before glancing at Fay where she sat perched on his shoulder.]

He did mention we might run into Ryner in the library. Shall we try there?

[The Flabebe twilled and drifted off his shoulder towards the way up and Newt smiled softly, following after her. Clinging to the back of his jacket, as always, was Salazar his Nobibat companion and trotting along on his heels was Roxy, his Rockruff. The others were either resting or out and about--such as Merlin who had been gone for a few days now--but Newt would let them all out in due time.

Making his way upstairs after Fay, the library was spotted immediately and the young man's gaze lit up. It wasn't the biggest library he'd seen but it was the first one he'd found since arriving here and it was a welcome sight. Fay twilled and chirped, twirling over to some of the shelves and skimming along the shelves while Roxy, with her nose to the ground, started to explore.

Newt approached the shelves and started to look over all the books there, noting that the majority of these ones were battle tactics and strategies.

Understandable of course.

Excuse him while he searches for the ones on Pokemon in general--including the mysterious Legendaries.]
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[It won't take long until Roxy runs into another Rockruff. A funny smelling Rockruff who yips at her and goes down into a play bow, wagging its tail.

Its Trainer must be off looking for a book.]
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[The Rockruff barks and runs around in a circle, chasing its own tail for a moment before noticing Newt.

It stops and tilts its head at him.]
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[The Rockruff sniffs at his hand for a moment, then barks before its curious expression changes. It grins? And chuckles?

It gives its body a hard shake, the image of a Rockruff melting away to reveal a Zorua. Who yips and bounces in place for a moment, fluffy tail wagging. Then it darts behind one of the shelves.]
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[Around the corner is a young woman, whose sight is fixed upon Roxy. She's looking wary, body tense and taking a step back as the Zorua continues to yip playfully and bound around.

They seem to notice Newt and recognition flickers in her eyes, before she glances back and forth between the man and his Rockruff.]

Oh, hey. I know you.

[Her shoulders seem to relax.] Which means she's...
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[Diana nods.] Yeh, and you're... [Her brow furrows in thought for a moment.]

Newt, right?

[Her tension melts away at the confirmation that this was indeed one of Lana's litter and she smiles down at Roxy.]

I haven't seen you since you were tiny.

[The Zorua tilts its head and barks at Roxy.] Your trainer knows Lana?

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[The Collegiate Gym's library, like any library worth its salt really, had areas set aside during its inception for reading areas. Any good reading area has not only regular tables and chairs for note-taking and work and the like, but also more comfortable offerings, such as couches.

Ryner picked out these couches himself, in fact. The comfiest he could find, for both sitting on... and taking a nap, because sometimes you get tired during a good research session and need a nap in order to get your brain sharp again.

Hence, should this be a thing you would notice, you will find one of the co-leaders of the gym flopped on a couch, fast asleep, an open book over his face.

(To be fair, this is probably a common sight when Ryner's not downstairs actively taking challenges. Some things never change.)]
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[It can be said, without too much exaggeration, that, if he felt like it and was permitted to do so, Ryner Lute could sleep through the apocalypse. A tiny flower fairy settling on his chest is, therefore, not enough to rouse him from his nap. (Besides, his Joltik climbs all over him in his sleep all the time. Nothing new.)

He does, however, have responsibilities that he acknowledges, and he has been trying to make an effort toward fulfilling them. One of those responsibilities is to be a gym leader, which he recognizes involves being helpful to visitors if he's needed, even when he's not on duty downstairs.

So he does stir, a little bit, when he hears a human voice. If only to determine whether he's needed or whether he can go back to sleep.]
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[Well. Poking his eyes is enough to get him to react.]

Ugh, stop, I'll get up...

[His eyes don't open - obviously, he's not about to open them to direct prodding - but he does sluggishly reach up to grab the book off his face with one arm and to gently nudge the Pokemon prodding his eyes away with the other.]
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[He pushes himself into a seated position, rubbing his eyes.]

Ahh, 'sfine. I probably shouldn't be sleeping here anyway...

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psst, I think you made a typo in your first sentence there...

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Sion had known to expect Newt's visit, and while naturally the daily tasks of the gym came first, as soon as he had a moment to spare he went to see whether the man had arrived. Especially since, while the gym's layout was rather straightforward, there were plenty of rooms and such for any curious type to poke their head into if one didn't know where to find things. Even if, admittedly, the library was probably one of the easier places to find, given the windows that looked down into the open atrium at the entrance.

But in any case, it didn't take much time at all to do a quick check of the entrance and first level halls leading to the stairs, just in case. And once upstairs, well, Sion imagined it was rather hard to miss the library from that point, with the doors in plain sight straight ahead. So he went on in, quickly glancing about the room (which hardly took long, for all the space allotted only a relatively small portion had actually been used so far) and almost immediately spotting his and Ryner's guest.

"I see you seem to have found your way," he remarked as he strode over.
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"Just Sion is fine," Sion said, taking the proferred hand with a smile.

"And don't worry about it, I'd only just finished up some matters, myself."

Which mostly meant seeing to the pokemon, as the gym was still new enough that it didn't have much by way of regulars. Yet.

"I hope you've been finding the library to your liking?"
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"Well, we hope to improve and expand it with time," Sion replied. "As you can see, there's still quite a but of space at our disposal..."

Though at least they'd arranged things so that the empty spaces has chairs and such, so it wasn't completely unused.

"I'm glad you like it, though. Have you seen our section on other worlds yet? I'm afraid it only contains what we've written oregarding Menoris so far, but..."
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"That's the idea. It may take some time, but eventually this should be a place people can come to learnn. Whether by studying, testing and experimenting with new ideas, or lessons given by others."

Like a school, in a way, but one that people could come and go from as they pleased.

"More or less, yes. Ryner and I have written up a few things on our world, at least. We hope others will be interested in doing the same."

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