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Video; Suicune no swiping

[The video switches onto very shaky, jerky footage of the inside of a tent, and then a tentflap being pushed aside with very indistinct muttering in the background.

Outside, the early light of dawn is grey in a persistent drizzle. The gear (still not completely steady) looks out over a reasonably neat camp. Smokey the Ursaring would be pleased. Their old XO would only assign twenty laps. All in all, a very normal scene.

Apart from the legendary pokemon standing in the middle of camp like it does this sort of thing every day. That is a little not normal.

Have you ever seen Suicune? Have you ever seen Suicune steal a tea kettle? You have now.

The large blue legendary pokemon lowers its muzzle to nose at the kettle, before clamping its sharp teeth around it and lifting it up.]

Ah! No! No, no.

[It drops the kettle again, staring straight into the gear. For a moment everything seems to go still, even the sound of the rain drizzling down coming to a stop. It's a moment that seems to stretch, perilously thin and then suddenly it snaps, like a bubble bursting, and Suicune bends down to clamp its teeth around the tea kettle again and then it is off with a great leap, the rain suddenly coming down again with a roar.]
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If I had known all it took to get one to come close was putting a kettle on...

[Why yes, he is making a joke. He's got an excited smile on his face as well, looking like he may laugh simply because of how incredible that had been to watch.]

Are you alright, Armi?
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[Video] Oh god excuse my typo with his name jfc

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I didn't think it would. I just wanted to make sure you weren't in shock or anything of the sort.

[Because while he's use to fantastical creatures of legend, he knows not everyone is.]

It's rather amusing how something so simple could lead one into your camp like that. The kettle, I mean.
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[Video] sobs make love not war!!

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It is a possibility. I have encountered beasts with stranger likes before.

[He chuckles though, well aware it was meant as a joke. But who knows..]

You were very lucky to catch it on video as you did. I've been keeping an eye out but we've yet to encounter one while we've been traveling.

[And it's a shame because he really wants to chat with one okay.]
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[Video] Ain't that the truth ;3

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It is a bit worrying. I hope there's nothing too terrible at work.

[Like Team Rocket. He's heard about what they get up to and hopefully they weren't doing something that would put all Pokemon and people here in danger.]

None of mine have shown too much distress but if it gets worse, we could see changes. Hopefully it doesn't get to that point, though.
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That seems to be a rather common theme, I'm afraid.

[Though the Collegiate library did have a lot more to offer than the places Newt had previously looked.]

It very well could be. Perhaps something triggered the disagreement or perhaps it's just a natural thing for them. To change territories I mean.

Or perhaps another Legendary left which left it open to claim.