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Boron * [text/video/backdated to the 12th]

[The post is actually just an embedded video, with a specific clip of the little girl in the news report. As soon as she screams "HUG HIM." the clip loops.]

tbh #same

[And separately, a video post comes. Jade is casually broadcasting from her bed in the hotel it seems, a Treecko dozing on her head and a little Rockruff curled up beside her. The sound of rain and rumbles of thunder can be heard.]

Soooo has anybody seen these legendary doggers at this point? How huggable are they, exactly? And do they even look like dogs, 'cause some people I asked seem to wanna call them dogs but that seems slightly misguided!

[In fact if you asked her, there's a disappointing lack of Pokemon dogs.]
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Everyone keeps telling me not to go near them.

They look like they could be pretty huggable I guess.

I want to ride one. My Mudbray isn't big enough to ride yet. I need a mount.
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Wouldn't it??

Probably but it can't be any harder than Lynels back home. Or the Lord of the Mountain.

True. It probably wouldn't be a permanent mount but it would still be amazing!