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The dog days aren't quite over yet...

Who: Everyone participating in the Dog Days of Summer event!
Where: Mt Mortar, the Bell Tower, OR the Seafoam Islands
When: August 17th-31st
Summary: With the Legendary Beasts running amok, it's up to everyone to help figure out what's wrong and get everything back to normal!

Bell Tower

Volunteers helping at the Bell Tower will arrive in Ecruteak City and be welcomed into the Bell Tower-- the normally-reclusive monks are still fairly stiff, but in the interest of not driving off the very help they asked for, they will be much more accommodating than usual.

Little studies have been set up all over the archive rooms in the upper floors, allowing volunteers to group up at tables and pore over old tomes and scrolls for any information that might be related to Ho-Oh or the three Beasts-- of course, there’s also a wealth of information about legendary Pokemon from other regions… just don’t let the monks catch you getting off-topic!

Gym Leader Morty will also be present helping with the research, and is using his Indigo League funds to finance inn lodgings in town for all volunteers. As for refreshments, local restaurants have also stepped up, eager to provide free food for all volunteer researchers! Gogoat-drawn carts full of fresh, traditional cuisine will come trundling up to the Tower several times a day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner)-- often accompanied by the restaurant-owners themselves. The guy who runs ECRUTEAK HOUSE OF DUMPLINGS will be there a lot-- he and his Emboar are particularly bombastic about stuffing everybody full of delicious fried dumplings at every opportunity. Gotta stay well-fed if you want to study!

That said, anyone wishing to pull an all-nighter will either have to bring their own snacks or rely on the monks’ supplies-- which means plain rice, hot tea, and not much else.


Mt Mortar

The base of Mt. Mortar is a flurry of activity no matter what the hour-- the center of operations is a large camping area at the foot of the mountain, where a small army of tents have been set up. Rangers and volunteers alike are rushing around, and anyone just arriving will be asked to sign in and mark whatever tasks they’ll be helping with.

Strong trainers can sign up for field work, which can involve anything from patrolling the mountain to evacuate campers to helping corral the panicking wild Pokemon population (bright side: there’s even more rare ones running around than normal, and capturing them is a quick and easy way to get them out of harm’s way!). Trainers with flying types may even wind up helping to carry water over from the Lake of Rage in case of what the Rangers all fear: forest fire.

More inexperienced trainers will lower-leveled Pokemon will be encouraged to stick around base where it’s a little safer-- but don’t worry, there’s still plenty of work to be done! Several meal tents are set up around the base, where you can serve (or be served) quick meals from hot pans, soup kitchen style. Nothing fancy or extravagant, but nothing that won’t taste great after a long hectic day of running around the mountain. And hey, it’s free.

A first-aid tent is also set up where trainers and their Pokemon can have injuries patched up-- the Nurse Joys staffing it can always use assistance to keep up with everything.

Sleeping quarters are provided via cot-filled tents set up around the base-- those ones are first-come, first-serve, so grab one fast! Helping the Rangers out is an all-day-all-night affair, so everyone just sleeps and eats when they get the chance to. Reminders to do both on a regular basis are posted all around-- nobody wants sleep-deprived trainers doing dangerous work, even if, between the constant roars of Raikou and Entei and the constant activity within the camp, sleeping could get pretty difficult.

Fortunately, one of the first things you’ll be handed upon arriving is a pair of heavy-duty earplugs.


Seafoam Islands

On the shores of the Seafoam Islands, everything is… well, chaos.

The beaches are COVERED in tents of all shapes, sizes, and… raggedness. It seems many folks have shown up in lieu of Greg’s frantic video post, and they’ve more or less taken over. You can barely see the sand! Things are quite a bit less organized than they are over at Mt. Mortar, which unfortunately means that for food and first-aid, you might need to wind up heading over to the teeny tiny little dock town with the inn (booked solid, sorry!) and the shop (Blaine’s beach is less occupied, but he can be seen from time to time passive-aggressively picking up peoples’ trash around the outskirts of the tent army and scowling).

Because out on the beach, there’s no first-aid to speak of and if you go to the ‘food tent’, you’ll just be handed something like this.

Fortunately, unlike their hilariously futile efforts to find Celebi and aside from their clear lack of event-managing knowledge, it seems the Seekers actually are onto something. Every six hours or so, Articuno, Zapdos, or Moltres CAN be seen soaring high overhead and disappearing around the back of the mountain, often with stolen food or shiny things glinting in their talons.

The Seekers themselves are more concerned with getting all their equipment functioning than they are about accommodating all the tourists who just showed up to sit on the beach and stare at the horizon in hopes of seeing one of the Birds-- but if you can actually find them in the chaos, they’ll eagerly put you to work.

In this case, 'work' means 'heading straight into the caves to try and #FindLugia'. Well? WILL YOU?

(Remember to SIGN UP over here!)
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Pokemon wrangling!

[personal profile] timelesschampion 2017-08-17 09:33 pm (UTC)(link)
How hard could wrangling Pokemon be?

The answer was very hard. Especially when they were panicked.

Link and his Buizel, Pumpkin, had been out for hours already helping where they could, the pair herding wild Pokemon as best they could while trying to add others to the group as they went. Had they been told to stay near camp? Of course they had. Link wasn't that experienced of a trainer and Pumpkin was very low level but like hell the Hylian was actually going to listen. What good would it do if he was stuck at camp?

Hopping over some rocks, Link and Pumpkin continued herding a group of Pokemon--a particularly sassy Gible having already been caught by Link since it wouldn't listen--making their way out of the more chaotic areas. The blonde startled as another loud roar practically shook the ground around them, sending a Mareep running. Link cried out in an attempt to stop it before taking off after the startled sheep, leaving Pumpkin to keep the others together.

Somebody stop that sheep!
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Ah, a Mareep. A Mareep being stupid and panicky. Blitz the Electrode knows exactly what to do in this kind of situation.

Several yards ahead of the rampaging Pokemon, Blitz plunges out of the underbrush, completely blocking the path and rolling over onto his back, so he looks like an enormous Pokeball. The Mareep, startled by sudden roadblock, skids to a halt, its eyes rolling as it prances in place. Blitz closes his eyes for camouflage, and Fat Ice Dog the Spheal rolls out of the bushes. He barks happily and with a friendly tone, and the Mareep gives Blitz one last wide-eyed glance before hustling over to the Spheal's side. Hey, any water Pokemon in a storm, right? At least this one seems friendly.
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Thank the gods for round friendly Pokemon!

Link let's out a breath of relief when the Mareep finally seems to calm and he stops a few feet from the bunch. A few berries are pulled from his pocket before he's kneeling down and offering them out.

It's alright. He's not going to hurt you. Just come here so he can help!
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At least one round and friendly Pokemon.

Fat Ice Dog lets loose with a volley of friendly barks, and puts one companionable flipper on the Mareep's head. See, this isn't so bad! We're all friends here, right? No need to be upset! And look, a human with berries! After a run like that, you're probably hungry, right? Of course you are! Let's go get some food!

Blitz rights himself and rolls up beside the Mareep, working with Fat Ice Dog to get the slightly dazed sheep turned around and pointed back towards the human. He certainly wants a berry or eight! Let's all go get a few, hey?

With coaxing, nudging, and barking, the two round Pokemon get the Mareep back to Link, then look up expectantly. How about some of those berries, buddy?
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Link is patient, for once, waiting for the two to hustle the Mareep over and once they do he smiles brightly.

Good job! Berries for everyone!

He puts the berries on the ground before the trio, allowing them all to snack even if the Mareep seems too dazed to do so. It's that combined with general worry that has Link pulling out a Pokeball--slowly but surely--and dropping it on top of the sheep. It startles as the ball opens and it's engulfed by light but it's far too out of it to put up much of a fight.

Link let's out a breath as the Pokeball clicks to single the Mareep was caught and now safe, offering Blitz and FID a smile and a quick thumps up in thanks.
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"Are those greedy brats bothering you?"

Jean comes crashing out of the bushes; Blitz and Fat Ice Dog had heard something and torn off after it, leaving their trainer to pick through the underbrush and catch up. Sometimes Jean rues the fact that he can't turn into a ball and just roll everywhere like they do. When he finally catches up, he's surprised to see they've found someone, and are apparently hustling him for treats.

"You don't have to feed them if you don't want to; they get fed at home, believe me."
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[personal profile] timelesschampion 2017-08-26 05:25 pm (UTC)(link)
Looking up at the sound of Jean's voice, Link smiled and shook his head. No, no they aren't bothering him. The blonde motioned to the Pokeball resting on the ground beside him. They helped so they deserve a treat.

Once the pair have their berries Link straightens up, glancing around for any sign of his group before he looks at Jean again. There's a moment's pause before Link frowns slightly in a determined manner and motions around then at Blitz and Fat Ice Dog.

They need to find more Pokemon and get them to safety.
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Jean raises his eyebrows when he sees the Pokeball on the ground. Okay, that makes more sense; the two Pokemon have formed an unlikely alliance and been working together to corral wild ones who are scared or running away. They must have helped catch another one for this guy.

"I don't understand." Blitz and Fat Ice Dog, their berries eaten, roll over and bump around his shins, and Jean reaches down to pet them both. "What're you trying to say?"

You could, you know, just say it. Instead of gesturing.
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Link sighs and pulls a Pokeball from his belt, giving Jean an exasperated look before releasing the Pokemon inside.

A small Carbink appears and immediately finds it's place on top of Link's head, looking quite content with the situation. Said blond glances up as he crosses his arms and after a moment Jean would hear a faint trickle of laughter.

"He wants to know if you'll help search the area for more Pokemon." The Carbink peered at Jean in amusement, little rock ears flicking.

Satisfied, Link looked back at Jean and nodded. Care to help?
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Don't you give him that look, mister; for all Jean knows, this kid isn't talking because he's suffering from smoke inhalation and delusions, and needs help down the mountain.

The Carbink clears things up, although Jean has to shake his head when it's done talking. That's just weird, having a Pokemon talk inside your mind.

"Uh... sure." So much side-eye. So much. But Jean can agree to help round up any more displaced Pokemon, and falls in step beside Link. "What areas have you already checked?"
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It's not that weird! It's just like talking to another person!...Okay, it's really not but isn't the Carbink cute, Jean? That makes up for it, doesn't it?

Link seems content that the other is willing to help and sets off through down the path.

"He checked back in the clearing. That's where he found the Mareep! And before that we were closer to the mountain!" Gem replied, bopping about on Link's head and getting a smile out of the blonde.

A loud bark came from the bushes just as Link's Floatzel, Pumpkin, appeared, the large otter-mon bounding about on all fours as he carries a small Tepig in his mouth. He pauses at the sight of Jean, tails flicking about before he stands upright, the Tepig ending up in his arms as he squints curiously at Jean.

"That's Pumpkin!"
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Yes, the Carbink is cute, Jean will give you that. It's just... weird, that's all. He doesn't like the voices in his head.

"Uh, okay." Jean follows them down the path, shaking his head and scratching at the back of his neck, like he could dislodge the voice that's taken up residence there. "So I guess we'll go down the mountain?"

The Floatzel provides a distraction, at least. "Hi, Pumpkin." Jean offers the back of his hand to the otter. "I'm Jean."