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13th Recipe [Ecruteak City, Video]

[It's morning in Ecruteak after the tumultuous month of erratic weather and nonstop roaring, and Jane is quiet. She's all set up with a small breakfast at a local cafe, quietly watching soft, misty rain pitter-patter as she sips at a cup of, what the cardboard holder totes, is a "Pumpkaboo Spiced Latte". Yeah, it seems to be that time of year again, doesn't it? Sitting next to her, Dinah is sleepily nibbling on what looks like toast, crusts cut off, with just a little bit of Cheri berry jam spread on top, and there's a bag on the table next to her, presumably filled with more breakfast goodies, but - well, it's not really practical to release one's whole team on an unsuspecting cafe to have a big sit-down breakfast, makes sense in context.

Jane tsks, glances at the 'gear, then looks back out the window. In her other hand, a shiny new Fog Badge tap-tap-taps on the table.]

...It's so strange. I...was here in this city over a year ago, last time I passed through, and...I remember the festival here, and the ghosts that showed up during and afterwards that caused us so much trouble. And Dinah here, she's been sour about ghosts ever since.


[Jane chuckles and rubs the Audino affectionately behind the ears.] It took you a while, but you finally got to fight some ghosts, and though it didn't go so well, I doubt August could've beaten that darned Gengar without you lasting as long as you did. [And hey, Jane got Shadow Ball out of it. And guess which pink Normal type learned that move for the future.] But so much has changed just in that time. People have come and gone, crazy things have happened - darned impossible things, I'd say, if I hadn't seen them. And it's nearly autumn again, like, a normal season, and there's things I used to take for granted and then missed that are back, like the seasonal constants, and - Halloween is coming soon, it'll definitely be here before we know it. That's...that's so weird. But do you want to know the weirdest thing?

[She looks directly at the 'gear and grins.]

I love it. Despite all the craziness, I...I know I'm thriving. And it just sort of hit me this morning how much I appreciate that. So...what do you guys appreciate about this place? Let's get a nice dialogue going, a nice rapport, and think beyond all the really hectic stuff that's been going on recently. What do you say?
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It's a new place to explore. It doesn't have the sense of impending doom that home did. Does.

It's nice to be able to explore and relax.
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[He's back.]

This place is a lot easier to get around in.

Though not being able to climb properly is a pain.

I might have fallen a few times.
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It makes exploring a lot harder...

I guess i just need to train my Pokemon more instead of just running around exploring with them.
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But that takes time away from exploring.

Sidon said the same thing though.
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You sound like Zelda..
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[Link turns the video on and gives Jane a sheepish grin and a nod before shrugging.

Sorry, Jane, but if you knew Zelda, you might understand.

And hopefully not be offended....wait he's probably already done that.]
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[Video +Text]

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[Seeing her smile makes Link relax a bit. Smiles are always a good thing!]

Zelda is the princess of Hyrule. That's the place I come from. She's

She likes to learn. About everything. And is stubborn. But it's not a bad thing.
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I'm glad you didn't taken it as an insult.

She can be a handful but she's pretty great.

And strong.
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[Text] 1/2

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I was sworn to protect her. To defend her against the Calamity.
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[Text] 2/2

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Things didn't go as planned.