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Would anyone happen to know someone who'd like something from the Glaceon line? I, ah... I tried to breed mine and ended up with a couple extra eggs. She didn't have as many as my other Pokemon, but I ended up with a couple extra. I'm only going to be keeping one, so the rest are free to good homes.

--Also if anyone has any advice in getting a pokemon to calm down, I'd really appreciate it. I have a Noivern and I'm... having a really hard time with him. He keeps breaking out of his ball and screaming in the middle of the night while I'm trying to sleep and a soothe bell isn't working out as I'd hoped. I'm still going to try something with a friend the next time we meet up, but until then I'm willing to try almost anything.

[ooc; Two eevee eggs remain as Bertolt is keeping one, another will be going to Armin, and another is on hold for Ivy; The move pool only contains Helping Hand and Bite! This was a small, spur of the moment thing hence no actual egg post!]
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Is the Pokemon in question upset about something? That sort of behavior is usually indicative of something like that.

[It's said thoughtfully, Newt seated at a restaurant in Violet. His Flabebe companions were perched on his shoulders munching on pieces of berries while a Noibat was perched on the opposite shoulder quietly eating a berry of his own.]

Animals feel grief the same that we do. It could be that he doesn't understand how to handle it, if that's the case.
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[A sad look crosses the wizard's face and he seems to focus a bit more.]

That's alright, I can imagine it's a painful sound in itself. Perhaps you should allow him to stay out rather than try to put him inside his Pokeball. Give him a chance to get his frustrations out. It may take some time but being stuck inside a Pokeball probably isn't helping anything at the moment.
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Allow him outside. Give him room to express his grief. Keeping him inside the Pokeball is essentially like bottling up the emotions he's feeling.

[His tone isn't an accusing one; it's gentle. This person's done nothing wrong so there's no reason to make him feel like that.]

It sounds to me like he may need a good bout of screaming. And when that's done you could try speaking with him. Gentle tones--give him space but make it clear you want to be there for him.
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It may honestly take time. Everyone handles grief differently. And it could be that he leaves for a time before returning--no one can predict what someone is going to do when they are upset.

My best suggestion to either situation is just time. And patience.
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I'm afraid that's a risk that comes with allowing anyone room to figure things out for themselves. But I have a feeling this Pokemon understands, or at least will understand, that you only want the best for him.

[Leaning back in his seat, being careful of the Pokemon on his shoulders, Newt smiles sadly at the 'gear.]

If his original trainer was your friend then he knows it and knows that his trainer trusted you, since he ended up in your care. Which means he'll understand that his trainer wanted him to be with you and be safe. I'm betting he'll come back, if he even leaves.