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Video [backdated to like a week ago]

Hello, my name is Sion Astal. I've noticed there seems to be a number of newcomers around here as of late. While I'm sure most of you have already gotten a basic introduction by now, should you still have questions, I have a guide of sorts touching upon some of the most common issues, and am certainly quite willing to answer any questions it doesn't cover.

Though, if you're wondering about the various strange occurrences that seem to be happening every Friday lately, I'm afraid so far there's no known explanation.

*and attached to the message there's a link to a file labeled Newcomers_Orientation.zip, which if downloaded features both a text and a video version of said guide, how nice!*
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Thank you for the guide! These are really handy.

Are Fridays normally weird around here?
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Forever text from this guy; sorry Sion :'D

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Could it be the fairy Pokemon doing it? I heard there are fairies here and fairies like to play tricks back home.

Is it the same here?
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I thought the legendary pokemon were really powerful.

That's what I heard back in Pallet Town
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Sion you are so wonderful

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That's strange.

I figured the fairy Pokemon would be the most powerful.
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That's exactly what I mean.

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This world is really balanced.

I'm not use to that.
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It's no worse than this nerd being a champion of Hyrule

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It does. It's just going to take some getting use to I guess.