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Open/Closed Log]

Who: Vanitas and anyone that wants to encounter him~ (With two closed prompts)
Where: Goldenrod City
When: The first couple weeks of August
Summary: Just a general catch-all for Vanitas messing around in Goldenrod
Rating: PG..?

[Closed to Rockets - At the base]

[While he hadn't initially planned on checking in, because a part of him wanted to see how much he could push his luck, Vantias does end up stopping at the Team Rocket base as soon as he gets to Goldenrod. He'll be there for a few days giving him time to report in, touch base with some individuals and just relax in the comfort of a free bed.

In particular he'll be raiding the kitchens because why should he buy a whole bunch of food on the road when he can just eat lightly then stuff his face at base?

Or you may find him snooping around trying to get a look at all the captive Pokemon. Just to see what's there. It's not like he'd ever try to take anything.

He'll be on the lookout for some familiar faces, as well, both to chat and to cause trouble. Because he can.]

[Open Prompt - Catching a new dog]

Wrecker, use Water Gun.

[Standing at the mouth of an alley, Vanitas lazily watched as his Totodile darted forward and let out a watery blast at the Houndour growling at the other end. The canine managed to dodge and counterattack with Bite though it missed it's mark as well.

The young man rolled his eyes and pulled another Pokeball from his belt, tossing it up into the air. With a faint click it broke open and in a flash of light Vanitas's Haunter appeared, Shadow snickering and flexing it's claws.]

Shadow, use Confuse Ray! Wrecker, use Water Gun again!

[Both were quick to respond, though a little too quick on the Totodile's part because he went first rather than waiting for the Confuse Ray. Shadow, who had already been moving forward to attack, gets hit with the attack instead and whirls around angrily, giving their Houndour opponent a chance to bolt past them.]


[Vanitas glared at his Pokemon before recalling them both, releasing Flood and Scrapper instead as he headed after the Houndour.]

Come on you two. I want that dog.

[Closed to Madoka]

[Vanitas was no stranger to stealing Pokemon. He'd taken quite a liking to it which was good since that was his job essentially. Most of the Pokemon he stole he ended up sending back to Team Rocket but every now and then one would catch his eye.

This time, it's an Eevee.

He'd been tailing a young girl for awhile now, wandering along acting as if he were window shopping, all the while keeping tabs on the girl and her Eevee. Flood was, of course, drifting along beside him, giggling up a storm since she knew what he was up to.

Looks like they were going to end up with a new teammate~

After a half hour of following the girl around Vanitas finally decided to make a move, putting on his charm--well, the charm he copied from Sora as much as it disgusted him--and approached. A seemingly genuine smile was on his lips as he stepped around Madoka and lifted a hand in greeting.]

Hi--ah, is there any chance you could help me? I've gotten kind of lost. This is my first time visiting the city.

[There was a sheepish edge to his voice as he rubbed the back of his neck, Flood sitting on his shoulder now and waving happily.]
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rocket base because guess who's faking

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I'm pretty sure you're not one of the ones who work here.

[The person speaking to Vanitas appears to be a woman with short, dark curly hair and dark red eyes, dressed in a Rocket uniform. After a second, she laughs.]

But then again, I'm not either. Got time on your hands, then?
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listen they started it by having Rockets in his circus!!

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You're talking to a senior, thank you.... Although one who got stuck after some nonsense with Unown.

[Sighing, she curls a hand by her cheek.]

At least it's better than having to stick around in the boring little town that's Violet. The only worse place is Cherrygrove.
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don't steal the clowns either!

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I can see you're just bubbling with respect for your elders. [Wraths irreverence for the rules but with a teenager's attitude. God help them all.] I couldn't tell you, since it was one of those weird weekends where no one remembers much, but let's just say it was worse than anyone's hangover trying to deal with it.

[Thank god for 4th Wall the weird nonsense of Johto. Makes it so easy to lie.]

[The disgust comes in loud and clear, and she tilts her head to the side.]

So I take it that means it takes the fun out of making monsters fight each other?
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listen just steal a bunch of mr mimes instead from someone

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Something something thrill of competition?

[A careless shrug.]

Or getting a lot of money if you have a Meowth.

they're clowns!!!

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Still clowns!

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[Madoka seems almost startled when Vanitas approaches — and even glances around for a split second, as if to make sure he was actually speaking to her — before she settles, and offers a warm, if perhaps apologetic, smile.]

I'm sort of new here myself ... But I can show you how to get to the Pokémon Center, if that would help?
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[she doesn't mind at all, and takes his hand for a friendly handshake. it never hurts to have more people keeping an eye out for each other in such a big city, right?]

It's nice to meet you! I'm Madoka. Did you want to go to the center now?
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[poor Madoka, she has no idea. but she nods, and laughs a little at being bopped on the nose — and, clearly on a mission, and turns in the direction of the center.]

It's not too far from here! Just a couple of blocks.

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Dog catcher.

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[Jinx had to admit there was something comfortingly familiar about Goldenrod. It wasn't exactly as big and bustling as Jump City, but it was close enough. And it promised her a warm bed and a free kitchen.

Out shopping and restocking on supplies Jinx's bad luck was catching up on her as a Houndour came charging up behind her and knocked her legs out from under her.]

Oh come on!!!

[Her shopping bags falling onto the ground and splitting open, Jinx managed to flip in the air and landed roughly on one foot and one knee.]

What the hell man! Why do I keep getting run over by pokemon?!
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Wouldn't be the first time someone accused me of being easy.

[Being friends with Diana has really taught Jinx how important it is to not have too much pride to get in the way of a sense of humor. The items are a lot of basics. Potions, pokeballs, first aid kit, some socks with pokemon on them.]

May I assume that hound was your target? Is it really safe to let your pokemon chase after it without supervision?

[Jinx didn't trust some of her pokemon to be left alone in her hotel room let alone run errands for her or chase pokemon.]
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It would be helpful...ugh this bag is ripped.

[Taking off her backpack she opens it and starts to tuck her potions and pokeballs in the appropriate pockets.]

Well if not I suppose Goldenrod isn't THAT big. We can probably follow the path of destruction.

What made you pick that one in particular? First one you saw?

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all your base

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[Diana too is not one to turn down the prospect of a free food.

She doesn't really like coming back to HQ so much because, well, she wasn't the greatest Team Rocket member. Mostly due to sheer lack of motivation of course, and she usually got pulled in by some superior to demand she make more of an effort when she dropped by.

They had a bunch of people stealing shit for them and she didn't ask for this job, what did it matter if she wasn't bringing something back every week? She was still handing out those shitty flyers. I mean, sure she often got bored and just, had Strut drop them from the sky over a part of town or something but she met her quota.

Oh well, free food in the cafeteria made up for that. For now anyway. The payroll of her new job was making her question the point in sticking with TR for a measly P1000 a week.

But at least this way she gets to bother both Walter and Jack while they're working.

She has her usual set with her, a large Salandit and Luxray dozing at her feet. A Sylveon and Espurr sat on either side of her, leaning in. And Murkrow who she keeps tossing scraps of food to. Her 6th Pokemon currently elsewhere in the base.]
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[Oh, hey, this guy. Diana has... A vague memory of him. She also has a way more vivid one of him being sexually assaulted by his Pokemon. That'd been funny.]

Yeh, you were on the network. Making out with your lizard.

[She flashes him a playful smirk.

The Salazzle opens a lazy eye, her tail coiling around her Trainer's leg possessively before returning to her doze. Caine is less impressed, lifting and shaking his giant head, watching Vanitas with a rumbling growl in his throat.

Isla blinks up at Flood impassively before giving a small chirp of friendliness and wrapping one tendril around Diana's arm and reaching to shake Flood's hand with the other.]
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[Her eyes snap to the Houndoom and her shoulders tense. Caine moves to rise, his mane rising up with static. Diana places a hand on his muscular shoulder and he huffs, taking a sitting position instead.]

Yeh, well, free is free, right? Isn't that why you're here?

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