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[Video 004]

I know there's been quite a few people offering up eggs recently but I'm afraid Korra and I have to jump on the train as well.

[Cissnei looks quite amused, to be honest, her hair--which is still wet from the water park--pulled back into a loose braid while a towel rests around her shoulders. On her lap is her Vulpix, Reno, who looks quite pleased with himself.

Quite pleased.]

It would seem that Reno here has taken a liking to Korra's Vulpix, Kaede, and we've found ourselves with three eggs. We'd love for them to go to good homes and, if willing, we're looking for 1000p a piece.

[Reno yips, bouncing on his trainer's lap and getting a wince out of her even as she laughs.]

Pending Reno's approval, apparently.
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[Diana already has two Vulpix so she's not gonna be buying anything but Cissnei took two pups off her hands so that was nice of her.]

I'm kind of glad it's not just mine that go off this other's Pokemon to make kids.

[She looks pointedly at the Murkrow perched on her shoulder, who just puffed up his chest. Diana rolls her eyes.]

You been swimming?
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Yeh, if it's not this guy making eggs, it's my dogs.

[She sighs and pokes the bird's chest, who flaps his wings, caught off guard.]

They have a water park?
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Yeh, and now they've had more and I'm right back where I started.

Lana'll be glad to hear that. I'll let her know.

Pokemon are allowed in? Is that safe?


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Pokemon breeding unexpectedly seems to be one of the few constants in this world.

[ Walter had returned home following his gym trip, although the different clothing had remained. Today it was a black top with an open plaid shirt on top that Cissnei would be able to see from the screen. Claudia, realising who he was about to call, had taken a seat beside him. ]
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You have a mated pair within your team? Have you found a way to manage them yet?

[ Claudia is happy to see Tseng and smiles to him. Although, it looks like she's interrupted his swimming time? ]

Hello Tseng. I saw your trainer and thought you might be there. But, have I interrupted something?
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Tha tis fortunate. A Pokemon of mine has insisted on having several clutches of children. The trainer who owned his mate was not pleased, as they hid the eggs until they hatched.

[ Darkness, he cares for you greatly, but no. Thankfully he had stopped but he had still fathered *four* groups of eggs. ]

Swimming? That sounds lovely in this weather...we have been preparing and holding a bonfire, to celebrate Summer.

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da end 8D?

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I wish I could offer, but I've got six on my team, and on a non-fixed income that's all I can support right now. Sorry.

Though I'm glad your Pokemon are getting along. Mine are...

[DEAAAAAATH! deathkyu is held up by a psychic aura and he pouts.]

Well, they're adjusting to Pikachu's new power set.
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Yeah, sorry. But I'll definitely come help out if you need it. Newborns are a handful.

[That's what Yayoi did but the vacation took a huge chunk out of her savings.

She grinned, and turned to deathkyu who was pouting as Pikachu snickered.]

I think Mimikyu is a little jealous Pikachu has psychic powers now. They're about average though.
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Not a problem. I'm pretty good with young kids on a whole, so I can deal with young Pokemon.

[Which is a good point.]

He probably will. He's got a lot more to learn.

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I really wasn't expecting eggs, but...

I'm just glad Kaede likes someone.
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I think she's always gonna be. She was kind of like this even before.

Just finishing up now!
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Somebody told me right where to find those white ice Vulpix's on the island, I want to try and catch one. Since she clearly does well with other Vulpix...

I think you know what the answer to that is.

[Whenever there is an option for food, that's Korra's pick.]


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[He's considering the pro's here, no one tell him about the cons.]

Well, congrats anyway.

[That might be a tease since clearly this wasn't planned]
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I would, actually. If they're as good as you say.

[He offers a grin at that, before bursting into laughter when Reno licks the Gear.]

Energetic little guy, isn't he?

[A pause before adding, curiously.]

I didn't realize they could breed before they evolved... Vulpix becomes Ninetails, right?

[It's been awhile since he's looked at that information... other things had come up.]
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[Impressed with the refusal to do anything but cling like the floor is lava and they're not a Fire Pokemon, is that what you meant Cissnei?]

I'm looking forward to it, I could use another that's as eager as the Ponyta.

[He blinks at the tap before grinning with a nod.]

Right, the stone. I forgot about that.

[He has no idea what he's getting into, lord help him.]

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